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The following list was taken from Schedule 1 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 as it appears on the Statute Law Database1. Certain changes to layout/format may be made (e.g we may remove full stops from the end of lines). As this is a wiki page we cannot guarantee it agrees exactly to the official version of Schedule 1 of the Act.

Part of the reason for this page is to make it easier for people to see which public authorities are subject to the Act but not yet on so that more can be added.

The DCA used to keep an updated version of Schedule 1, but the responsibilities of this department in regards to freedom of information were transferred to the Ministry of Justice.

The list has now been updated with all legislative amendments up to the end of 2010 (and a little beyond).

Entries highlighted in yellow (not on the main list) are those we don't have contact email addresses for. We rely on volunteer help for these, so please contact the WhatDoTheyKnow team with an email address for the authority & a URL for their homepage if you're able to help out.

Entries struck through are those that have been removed from Schedule 1 by a subsequent enactment. Entries added or amended will have the relevant Act or Order appended after it in brackets, eg (added by SI 2005/3593). There is still a significant number of public authorities named in Part VI who are effectively defunct, but have not yet been formally removed from the Act - a note will be added below describing their status.

See also Finding contact details of public authorities

Because Schedule 1 is so large, it is split into one page per Part:


1. Industrial Development Boards are in most cases located with the Regional Development Agency for the same region.