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Well, more future and past events than current events really. Events that are likely to require updates to FOIwiki and WhatDoTheyKnow and other FOI related news. We tend to leave around 12 months of events on this page.


NHS community services divestment

Main article: NHS community services divestment

Primary care trusts are being required by DH to divest themselves of their in-house community services. In most cases, this is either to existing or newly formed National Health Service trusts or NHS foundation trusts. In "over 60" cases, though, services look like being provided by a "Social Enterprise", which appears to mean a Community Interest Company. The current proposal is to make them subject to the FOI Act.

April - May 2015

Correspondent suggests we should watch out for the creation of Nythe Parish Council in Swindon, Wiltshire.

27th March 2015

Abolition of two committees:

31st March 2015

1 April 2015

  • Local Government reorganisation in Northern Ireland

The reform of local government will see the reduction of 26 councils to 11. The 11 new councils will take over on 1 April 2015.

1st May 2015

1st June 2015

27th June 2015

  • Establishment of more integration joint boards by SSI 2015/222({{#formlink:form=Legislation|link text=add|query string=Legislation[Type]=ssi&Legislation[Year]=2015&Legislation[Number]=222}}):
    • Argyll and Bute Integration Joint Board
    • East Dunbartonshire Integration Joint Board
    • East Lothian Integration Joint Board
    • East Renfrewshire Integration Joint Board
    • Edinburgh City Integration Joint Board
    • Inverclyde Integration Joint Board
    • Midlothian Integration Joint Board
    • North Lanarkshire Integration Joint Board
    • Renfrewshire Integration Joint Board
    • Shetland Islands Integration Joint Board
    • West Dunbartonshire Integration Joint Board

30th July 2015

  • Incorporation of the National College for High Speed Rail (a further education corporation) by SI 2015/1547({{#formlink:form=Legislation|link text=add|query string=Legislation[Type]=uksi&Legislation[Year]=2015&Legislation[Number]=1547}}).

1st September 2015

  • Abolition of West Middlesex University Hospital National Health Service Trust by SI 2015/1621({{#formlink:form=Legislation|link text=add|query string=Legislation[Type]=uksi&Legislation[Year]=2015&Legislation[Number]=1621}}).

21st September 2015

  • Establishment of more integration joint boards by SSI 2015/266({{#formlink:form=Legislation|link text=add|query string=Legislation[Type]=ssi&Legislation[Year]=2015&Legislation[Number]=266}}):
    • South Lanarkshire Integration Joint Board
    • West Lothian Integration Joint Board
    • Western Isles Integration Joint Board

1st October 2015

3rd October 2015

  • Creation of more integration joint boards by SSI 2015/321({{#formlink:form=Legislation|link text=add|query string=Legislation[Type]=ssi&Legislation[Year]=2015&Legislation[Number]=321}})

22nd October 2015

1st March 2016

1st April 2016

  • Establishment of the Tees Valley Combined Authority (a combined authority) by SI 2016/449({{#formlink:form=Legislation|link text=add|query string=Legislation[Type]=uksi&Legislation[Year]=2016&Legislation[Number]=449}})

9 May 2016

Government department changes in Northern Ireland

September 2016

  • Serco Ltd, as of 1 September 2016 come under the provisions of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 for the specific function of the operation of HMP Kilmarnock.
  • Sodexo as a contractor running a Scottish prison in relation to HMP Addiewell

Bodies coming under FOISA on 1st September 2016 include:

  • Grant aided schools
  • Independent special schools listed in the Register of Independent Schools as set out in section 98 of the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 and which fall within paragraph (a) of the definition of “special school” in section 135(1) of the Education (Scotland) Act 1980
  • Scottish Health Innovations Limited
  • Persons providing a “secure accommodation service” as defined in paragraph 6 of schedule 12 to the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010

Establishment of a new Further Education College:

  • National College for the Creative and Cultural Industries (C, by SI 2016/833({{#formlink:form=Legislation|link text=add|query string=Legislation[Type]=uksi&Legislation[Year]=2016&Legislation[Number]=833}}))

1st October 2016

  • Creation of Pevensey and Cuckmere Water Level Management Board by SI 2016/854({{#formlink:form=Legislation|link text=add|query string=Legislation[Type]=uksi&Legislation[Year]=2016&Legislation[Number]=854}}).

Late 2016 Perhaps

If the Higher Education and Research Bill becomes law

  • "United Kingdom Research and Innovation" will be created as the UK's single public research and innovation funding body. Research councils and Innovate UK will still exist but within UKRI
  • The Office for Students will be created as a regulator. The Higher Education Funding Council for England and the Office for Fair Access, which supports the Director of Fair Access to Higher Education, will be wound up.

1 April 2018

Clinical Commissioning Group mergers

Summer / Autumn 2018

North Yorkshire PCC to take on responsibility for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

The change is set to take place during the autumn.

The same is to happen in Cambridgeshire but there's no date set yet

April 2019

Rumoured merger of Derbyshire's CCGs.


These are changes that appear in primary legislation whose commencement date has not yet been appointed. In some cases, they may never happen at all.