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example data:

  • Case Ref: FS50229762
  • Date: 19/04/2010
  • Public Authority: Public Authority::Ministry of Justice
  • Summary: The complainant requested information that would document that the Information Tribunal (the “Tribunal”) has wide powers under Rule 14(1) of the Information Tribunal (Enforcement Appeals) Rules 2005. The Commissioner is satisfied that the Tribunal does not hold this information and therefore does not require the authority to take any steps. However, he has found that the Tribunal breached sections 1(1)(a), 10(1) and 16(1) in its handling of the request.
  • View PDF of Decision Notice FS50229762 http://www.ico.gov.uk/upload/documents/decisionnotices/2010/fs_50229762.pdf

Need to include this separately:

  • Section of Act/EIR & Finding: FOI 1 - Complaint Upheld, FOI 10 - Complaint Upheld, FOI 16 - Complaint Upheld
  • Usage:
  • grr, doesn't seem easy to pass in array of decisions for parsing in template eg f1=u~f2=n~f3=x... so using a separate template.

Decision Summary

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