Line to take - LTT175 - Flowchart for LTT174

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  • Section/Regulation: s12, reg 12(4)(b)
  • Issue: Flowchart for LTT174
  • Source: FOI Policy, DN
  • Details: FS50143525
  • Related Lines to Take: LTT119, LTT122, LTT138, LTT141, LTT145, LTT147, LTT174
  • Related Documents: Fees Regulations SI 3244, Council Directive 2003/4/3/EC, Council Directive 95/46/EC
  • Contact: LA
  • Date: 09/04/2010
  • Policy Reference: LTT175
  • © Copyright Information Commissioner's Office, re-used with permission
  • Original source linked from here: LTT


Costs / Mixed Access Regimes flowchart — only to be used in conjunction with a full reading of LTT174 which provides more detailed guidance on the steps to followed [LA 17/03/2010]