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Decision Summary

  • Case Ref: FS50175732
  • Date: 29 July 2008
  • Public Authority: Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform
  • Summary: The complainant requested information relating to the destruction of his bankruptcy case file. The public authority provided some information but explained that the remaining information would have been held with the destroyed case file and was therefore not held. The Commissioner has investigated and finds that the majority of the information is not held. However the Commissioner did find that part of the information is held and should have been disclosed. The public authority has now disclosed this information to the complainant. The Commissioner finds that in failing to disclose this information within twenty workings days from receipt of the request the public authority breached the requirements of section 10 and that in failing to provide the relevant information by completion of the internal review also breached section 1(1)(b) of the Act.
  • View PDF of Decision Notice: [1]