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Publication Schemes

All public authorities must adopt and maintain a publication scheme. This lists the classes of information the public authority will proactively publish and how it can be obtained. Since Jan 2009, they must operate the "Model Publication Scheme" which was defined by the ICO, using the following section headings:

  • Who we are and what we do.
Organisational information, locations and contacts, constitutional and legal governance.
  • What we spend and how we spend it.
Financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, tendering, procurement and contracts.
  • What our priorities are and how we are doing.
Strategy and performance information, plans, assessments, inspections and reviews.
  • How we make decisions.
Policy proposals and decisions. Decision making processes, internal criteria and procedures, consultations.
  • Our policies and procedures.
Current written protocols for delivering our functions and responsibilities.
  • Lists and Registers.
Information held in registers required by law and other lists and registers relating to the functions of the authority.
  • The Services we Offer.
Advice and guidance, booklets and leaflets, transactions and media releases. A description of the services offered.

If the authority refuses to disclose information included within a category listed in its publication scheme, without having previously said that the information is not available, it may be in breach of section 19(1)(b). It will also be in breach if it doesn't publish a Publication Scheme (ie on their website, or on demand).

Official guidance

ICO Lines To Take

Relevant Lines to Take
  • LTT46 - Assumption in favour of disclosure - 18/06/2008
  • LTT65 - Vexatious request for published information - 08/07/2007
  • LTT25 - Inspection as a form of publication - 12/11/2006

ICO Decision Notices

Complaints upheld / partly upheld (P) Complaints not upheld
  • FS50208722 - Backwell Parish Council - 02/09/2009
  • FS50194697 - Bedgrove Junior School - 30/07/2009
  • FS50142974 - Argoed Community Council - 29/08/2007
  • FS50135471 - Brockhampton Group Parish Council - 29/03/2007


Includes DNs up to: 26 April 2010