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*[[Coal Industry Act 1994]] s57
*[[Coal Industry Act 1994]] s57
*[[Radioactive Substances Act 1993]] s39
*[[Radioactive Substances Act 1993]] s39
*[ The Tribunal Procedure (First-tier Tribunal) (General Regulatory Chamber) Rules 2009 (No. 1976 (L. 20))]

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Main laws for accessing information

The following sections are the various laws that apply to FOI requests. Each section contains more details on process and exemption guidance:

England, Wales & Northern Ireland:


United Kingdom

Joint North/South Bodies (Northern Ireland / Republic of Ireland)

Other laws giving rights to information

These lists are not exhaustive.

Local Authorities

Coroners' Records

  • Coroners' rules [1]

Court Records

Rule 5.4 of the Civil Procedure Rules covers with access to court documents in civil proceedings in the county courts, the High Court and the Court of Appeal. Under that rule (on payment of the set fee) can inspect and take a copy of: (a) a claim form which has been served, (b) a judgment or order given or made in public, and c) any other document (with the court's gives permission)

Medical Records