WhatDoTheyKnow Policy:Defunct authorities

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This page is based on an extract of WhatDoTheyKnow policy documentation. Please address any queries to WhatDoTheyKnow.com.

The process of developing policies is ongoing and changes are to be expected.

Setting the request address on the authority admin page to "defunct" has the effect of removing the "make a new FOI request" link from the authority page. It also prevents any follow messages and on-going correspondence relating to open requests.

Only set the request-address to defunct once there is no-longer and ongoing correspondence; or if the old request-address has ceased to work.

Setting a public note on the authority page explaining how and when the authority came to be defunct, and linking to any successor authorities would be useful.

In some cases annotating open requests, particularly those which have not received a reply, to alert users to the change might be worthwhile.

On a case-by-case basis it might be appropriate to temporarily change the request-address to the FOI address of a successor authority.