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Finding legislation

Acts of the UK Parliament

Public General


UK Statutory Instruments


Local, published

  • 1987–, as made:
  • 1954–1986, as made: Cambridge University Library, class OP.3100.77.013:
    • 1980/17–603
    • 1981/1054–
    • 1982 missing
  • 1987–, as made: Cambridge University Library, class OP.1100.77.05
  • 1934–, as made: British Library, shelfmark BS.24b/1*
    • 1981–1982: Year Not Held or Part Not Held

Local, unpublished

  • 1922–1980, as made, British Library, shelfmark SPR.Mic.E.349
  • 1922–2007, as made, National Archives, series TS37

Jersey Laws, Orders in Council, Regulations, and Orders



The following Terms and Conditions apply to the subscription on the EduBase services.

You are subscribing to use the Edubase system provided by the Department for Education (DfE) to extract and download files containing information about educational establishments in England. EduBase invests significant resources into providing accurate data but there may be times when changes have not been notified to EduBase. Please also note that data on Welsh establishments are held for teacher pensions information only. You can obtain information on Welsh schools from the National Assembly for Wales. EduBase does not hold information on Scottish or Northern Irish establishments. Please contact the Scottish Parliament and the Department for Education Northern Ireland for information. Some data fields held in EduBase are governed by the Data Protection Act 1998 and, therefore, are not available for view or download. Several educational establishments have opted out from receiving communications for marketing purposes, these establishments will be excluded from files downloaded for marketing purposes.

The data downloaded using this service should not be sold or disseminated to any third party.

Under the Power of Information agenda, each subscriber is entitled to two extracts for free per academic year. Any subsequent extracts will require a chargeable subscription to the services provided by EduBase. Please read for more information.

If you would like to cancel your subscription, any amount paid will not be refunded. Payment needs to be received in full and in advance according to your selected package. Your subscription will be activated once the payment is processed in full. All payments will be processed and received by Texuna Technologies Ltd. on behalf of the DfE.

Clicking on 'I agree' below, you state that you agree with the Terms and Conditions above.


"The information can be re-used as set out in the terms of the PSI Click-Use Licence." [1]

"The publication that I wish to use says that I have to apply for a PSI Click-Use Licence. Can I use this?

"Yes. The Open Government Licence supersedes the PSI Click-Use Licence, therefore any information covered by Crown copyright that was available for re-use under the PSI Click-Use Licence may now be re-used under the Open Government Licence." [2]

This suggests that while disseminating the information wouldn't be a breach of the Crown's copyright or database right, it would be a breach of the contract for use of EduBase.