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My FOI requests

WhatDoTheyKnow stuff

Trying out Semantic Mediawiki stuff

  • I installed the Semantic Bundle for Mediawiki to:
    • host local non-PDF copies of the ICO & IT decision text & metadata. Google isn't allowed to spider the IT website decisions...
    • be able to automatically re-use this data in other pages (eg the FOIA Exemption pages) using Functions
  • ICO decisions can now be directly linked to, eg:
  • 30/04 - now have a form to add in decisions: Form:DNSummaryBox
  • 30/04 - and a category for them: Category:ICO_Decision_Notice
  • 01/05 - they're now all uploaded, but Special:ImportCSV doesn't seem to support importing multiple templates which means that only 1 decision has been added. may look to denormalise relationship between DN & 1-many Decisions, ie into single template.
  • 01/05 - ick. re-generated all the ICO data as xml, but found a bug in ImportXml (due to way it implements php's xml_set_character_data_handler and it barfs on ampersands "&" in the XML....
  • DNFindingLookup - page to hold DNFinding > DNSubFinding mappings to make searches easier
  • 03/05 - more bugs found in the importxml - it skips long strings, £ signs, etc... Leaving it as it is for the time being (I've reported the bugs to the dev) - the only thing wrong with the ICO data loaded is the Summary text. All the rest is OK, so good enough for searches & display of the main case data on other screens.
  • /scratchpad
  • 05/05 - have discovered that CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE privilege required for bits of SMW... Checking with hosting co if they can grant. (see Special:UnusedProperties for example of error message. This causes problems with searching by sub-property or sub-category...
  • 06/05 - support have come up trumps and have granted me the privs :-) Sub-properties now included in FOI Exemption pages.
  • 15/05 - re-imported ICO DNs via ImportCSV, using the workaround specified here. This fixed the Date bug & the truncation issues.


  • need exemption pages for EIR & add in decisions - nearly done
  • page to introduce the ICO DNs
  • add links to other relevant ICO decisions for other FOI clauses (eg s19, 16) etc which aren't specific exemptions, and there have been DNs for these. Done: 16, 17, 19. Todo: 6, 9, 45, 50, 13, 11, 10, 1.
  • include a source reference & link to copyright / re-use statement
  • Information Tribunal cases
  • links between appeals on foiwiki & their assoc WDTK requests, meta-requests
  • links from appeals to WDTK requests made from non-related people asking for info released from decision, eg Ganesh, Matthew Davis, etc.
  • SIC cases
  • Court of session cases
  • Full text (ie non-PDF) of ICO cases
  • DONE
  • template should be top-left aligned
  • look to format template dates to dd/mm/yyyy rather than d M Y
  • "partly upheld" (are there other non-standard ones? no) - add to infobox template & highlight as such
  • bug in EIR 12(3) DNs - the P doesn't appear for FER0184525 - seemed to resolve itself...
  • findings to be rolled up correctly in #ask search eg 14.1 > 14.
  • give max last_updated date for when DNs were uploaded/added to foiwiki
  • re-populate data to fix decision_summary truncated data & date bug fixes
  • fix date bug - decision notice dates dd/mm/yyyy (d/m/Y) are being silently converted to M d Y in some cases eg 12/05/2008 => 5 December 2008. Workaround seems to be to re-import the dates in Excel format d mmmm yyyy eg "2 June 2010" - dates get correctly parsed.
  • Search redirects for joint/multiple DNs - eg create redirects from FER0098306 and FER0098307 to FER0098306/7