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Possible additions to the list

Please include your suggestions below.


  • The Association of Police Authorities===

(The Association of Police Authorities was set up on 1st April 1997 to represent police authorities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, both on the national stage and locally. It influences policy on policing and it supports local police authorities in their important role.)

  • stemnet?

Elected Representatives

  • Members of Parliament
  • Councillors paid for full time roles eg. Some Executive Councillors / Council Leaders in London
  • The Mayor of London
  • Members of the Scottish Parliament
  • Members of the Welsh Assembly
  • Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly

Consensus was that those who are not in paid full time roles ought not be subject to the Act. It was noted that correspondence with constituents would be exempt in any case. It was also noted that information that was clearly held in an official capacity would in almost all cases also be held by a public body as well.

Royal Mail (if privatized)

Even if it were to become a private company, not subject to the Act, it may retain many of it public functions (e.g. powers to conduct covert surveillance under RIPA). One to watch in case it is privatised.