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Central Government

COINS Code Name of public bodyfir
DCM048 Department for Culture, Media and Sport
ACE048 Arts Council of England
ACL048 Arts Council of England Lottery
AER048 Alcohol Education and Research Council (from 07-08 AER033)
BFI048 British Film Institute
BRL048 British Library
BRM048 British Museum
BTA048 Visit Britain
CAE048 Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment
EHG048 English Heritage
FCL048 UK Film Council
FLA048 Football Licensing Authority
GBG048 Gambling Commission
HBL048 Horserace Betting Levy Board
HLF048 Heritage Lottery Fund
IWM048 Imperial War Museum
MCM048 Millennium Commission (wound up on 30 November 2006)
NES048 National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts - from 07-08 NES063
NGL048 National Gallery
NHF048 National Heritage Memorial Fund
NHM048 Natural History Museum
NLB048 Big Lottery Fund
NLC048 National Lottery Commission
NLD048 National Lottery Distribution Fund
NLL048 National Lottery: UKSC Lottery
NMG048 National Museums Liverpool
NMM048 National Maritime Museum
NMS048 National Museum of Science and Industry
NOF048 New Opportunities Fund
NPG048 National Portrait Gallery
RAM048 Royal Armouries Museum
RCM048 Museums, Libraries and Archives Council
RPL048 Registrar of the Public Lending Right
SEL048 Sport England Lottery
SPE048 Sport England
TGL048 Tate Gallery
UKS048 UK Sport
VAM048 Victoria and Albert Museum
WCO048 Wallace Collection
OLF048 Olympic Lottery Distribution Fund
OLD048 Olympic Lottery Distributor
OLA048 Olympic Delivery Authority
CCT048 Churches Conservation Trust
GFF048 Geffrye Museum
HMM048 Horniman Museum
SJS048 Sir John Soane's Museum
MSI048 Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester
LOG048 London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games Limited
MOL048 Museum of London - from 08-09 E5105
AHF048 Architectural Heritage Fund
LTU048 Legacy Trust UK Limited
DES022 Department for Children, Schools and Families
AHB022 Arts and Humanities Research Board
ALI022 Adult Learning Inspectorate
BEC022 British Educational Communications and Technology Agency
BSA022 Basic Skills Agency
CFA022 Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service
CIT022 Construction Industry Training Board - from 07-08 CIT063
EIT022 Engineering Construction Industry Training Board - from 07-08 EIT063
HEF022 Higher Education Funding Council for England - from 07-08 HEF063
IIP022 Investors in People UK
LSC022 Learning and Skills Council - from 07-08 LSC063
NCS022 National College for School Leadership
PFS022 Partnerships for Schools
QCA022 Qualifications and Curriculum Authority
SLC022 Student Loans Company Ltd - from 07-08 SLC063
SSD022 Sector Skills Development Agency - from 07-08 SSD063
TTA022 Training and Development Agency for Schools
UNI022 University for Industry - from 07-08 UNI063
AAL022 Adventure Activities Licensing Authority
QIA022 Quality Improvement Agency - from 07-08 QIA063
STU022 School Food Trust
CWD022 Children's Workforce Development Council
DFT004 Department for Transport
BTP004 British Transport Police
DOA004 Deeds of Assumption Ltd
DVL004 Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
PPP004 Office of the PPP Arbiter
SRA004 Strategic Rail Authority
BRB004 British Railways Board (Residuary) Ltd
DOH033 Department of Health
CHA033 Commission for Healthcare & Audit Inspection (The Healthcare Commission)
CHI033 Commission for Health Improvement
CPP033 Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health wound up 31st March 2008
CSC033 Commission for Social Care Inspection for England
GSC033 General Social Care Council
HFE033 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority
HPG033 Health Protection Agency
MIR033 Monitor - Independent Regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts
MRA033 Microbiological Research Authority
NBS033 National Biological Standards Board
NCA033 National Clinical Assessment Authority
NCD033 National Care Standards Commission
NRP033 National Radiological Protection Board
PHL033 Public Health Laboratory Service
HTA033 Human Tissue Authority
ST1370 NHS Direct
SBS033 NHS Shared Business Services
PME033 Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board
SCI033 Social Care Institute for Excellence
AER033 Alcohol Education and Research Council
CQC033 Care Quality Commission
DPM085 Department for Communities and l Government
CLA085 Commission for Local Administration
CVH085 Castle Vale Housing Action Trust
EPT085 English Partnerships
HCP085 Housing Corporation
LHT085 Liverpool Housing Action Trust
LTG085 London Thames Gateway Development Corporation
SBE085 Standards Board for England
SHT085 Stonebridge Housing Action Trust
UDC085 Thurrock Urban Development Corporation
THT085 Tower Hamlets Housing Action Trust
VTS085 The Valuation Tribunal Service
WNU085 West Northants UDC
FBL085 Firebuy Limited
CDF085 Community Development Foundation
HCA085 Homes and Community Agency
TSA085 Tenant Services Authority
DTI084 Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform
ACA084 Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
AHC084 Arts and Humanities Research Council - from 07-08 AHC063
BRC084 Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council - from 07-08 BRC063
CCL084 Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils
CCP084 Postwatch
CDS084 Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils - Diamond Synchro
CMC084 Competition Commission
COL084 Coal Authority - from 08-09 COL066
CSE084 Competition Service
DCL084 Design Council
EOC084 Equal Opportunities Commission
EPS084 Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council - from 07-08 EPS063
ESR084 Economic and Social Research Council - from 07-08 ESR063
GEC084 Energy Watch
HAC084 Hearing Aid Council
MRC084 Medical Research Council - from 07-08 MRC063
NCC084 National Consumer Council - from 1 October 2009 CFO084
NDA084 Nuclear Decommissioning Authority - from 08-09 NDA066
NER084 Natural Environment Research Council - from 07-08 NER063
NUL084 Nuclear Liabilities Fund - from 08-09 NUL066
PPA084 Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council
STP084 Simpler Trade Procedures Board
UKA084 United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
CNC084 Civil Nuclear Police Authority and Constabulary - from 08-09 CNC066
EED084 East of England Development Agency
EMD084 East Midlands Regional Development Agency
NWD084 North West Regional Development Agency
NED084 One North East
SED084 South East England Development Agency
SWD084 South West Regional Development Agency
WMD084 Advantage West Midlands
YHD084 Yorkshire Forward
CFO084 ConsumerFocus - National Consumer Council
DWP032 Department for Work and Pensions
DRC032 Disability Rights Commission
HSC032 Health and Safety Commission and Executive
OPA032 Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority
PCB032 Pensions Compensation Board
TPR032 The Pensions Regulator
ECG025 Export Credits Guarantee Department
GEF025 Guaranteed Export Finance Corporation
EFR003 Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
BPC003 British Potato Council (wound up 1st April 2008)
CNA003 Countryside Agency
ENV003 Environment Agency
FFB003 Food from Britain (closed on 31 March 2009[1])
HDC003 Horticultural Development Council (wound up 1st April 2008)
HGC003 Home Grown Cereals Authority (wound up 1st April 2008)
HRI003 Horticulture Research International
KEW003 Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
MDC003 Milk Development Council (wound up 1st April 2008)
MLC003 Meat and Livestock Commission (wound up 1st April 2008)
NAT003 English Nature
NFC003 National Forest Company
SIA003 SeaFish Industry Authority
WSB003 Wine Standards Board
CFW003 Consumer Council for Water
GLA003 Gangmasters Licensing Authority
NEN003 Natural England
CRU003 Commission for Rural Communities
WRA003 Waste Resources and Action Programme
AHD003 Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board
HOF034 Home Office
CCR034 Criminal Cases Review Commission - from 07-08 CCR047
CDF034 Community Development Foundation - from 07-08 CDF085
CIC034 Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority - from 07-08 CIC047
CIP034 Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Panel
CPT034 Central Police Training And Development Authority
CRE034 Commission for Racial Equality
GBD034 Gaming Board for Great Britain(HO)
IPO034 Independent Police Complaints Commission
ISC034 Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner
NCI034 National Criminal Intelligence Service
NCR034 National Crime Squad
ODP034 Office of the Data Protection Registrar
PAB034 Parole Board - from 07-08 PAB047
PCA034 Police Complaints Authority
PIT034 Police Information Technology Organisation
SIY034 Security Industry Authority
YJB034 Youth Justice Board for England and Wales - from 07-08 YJB047
SOC034 Serious Organised Crime Agency
PIA034 National Policing Improvement Agency
ISA034 Independent Safeguarding Authority
LCD047 Ministry of Justice
LEC047 Legal Services Commission
OIC047 Office of the Information Commissioner
SCO042 Scotland Office
WOF091 Wales Office
CJA047 Commission for Judicial Appointments
CCR047 Criminal Cases Review Commission
CIC047 Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority
PAB047 Parole Board
YJB047 Youth Justice Board for England and Wales
MOD017 Ministry of Defence
RHC017 Royal Hospital, Chelsea
NAM017 National Army Museum
RAF017 Royal Air Force Museum
NAW090 National Assembly for Wales
ACW090 Arts Council of Wales
AWL090 Arts Council of Wales National Lottery
CCW090 Countryside Council for Wales
CLW090 Care Council for Wales
EST090 Estyn Her Majestys Inspectorate for Education & Training for Wales
HFW090 Higher Education Funding Council for Wales
LGB090 Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales
NCE090 National Council for Education and Training for Wales
NLW090 National Library of Wales
NMW090 National Museums and Galleries of Wales
QCW090 Qualifications,Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Wales
SCL090 Sports Council for Wales National Lottery
SCW090 Sports Council for Wales
WDA090 Welsh Development Agency
WLB090 Welsh Language Board
WNM090 Health Professions Wales
WTB090 Wales Tourist Board
WCH090 Wales Centre for Health
WAG090 Welsh Assembly Government
LEB090 Welsh Levy Board
CWA090 Children\'s Commissioner for Wales
NIC081 Northern Ireland Court Service
ILS081 Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission
NJC081 Northern Ireland Judicial Appointments Commission
NIE099 Northern Ireland Executive
ACI202 Arts Council of Northern Ireland
ANL850 Arts Council of Northern Ireland Lottery Distribution Account
ARI201 Agrifood and Biosciences Institute of Northern Ireland
BEL203 Belfast Education & Library Board - Northern Ireland
BTS208 Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service
CEA203 Northern Ireland Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment
DAR201 Department of Agriculture and Rural Development - Northern Ireland
DCA202 Department of Culture Arts and Leisure - Northern Ireland
DEL207 Department for Employment and Learning - Northern Ireland
DEN206 Department of the Environment - Northern Ireland
DET204 Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment - Northern Ireland
DFP205 Department of Finance and Personnel - Northern Ireland
DRD209 Department for Regional Development - Northern Ireland
DSD210 Department for Social Development - Northern Ireland
ECN211 Equality Commission for Northern Ireland
ENI203 Department of Education - Northern Ireland
EUN207 Enterprise Ulster - Northern Ireland
FHA201 Northern Ireland Fishery Harbour Authority
FIA208 Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service
HSP208 Department of Health Social Services & Public Safety
INL204 Invest Northern Ireland
LCN210 Laganside Corporation - Northern Ireland
NEE203 North Eastern Education and Library Board - Northern Ireland
NMN202 National Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland
NTB204 Northern Ireland Tourist Board
OFM211 Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister - Northern Ireland
PMD208 Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency
REG212 Northern Ireland Authority for Energy Regulation
SCN202 Sports Council for Northern Ireland
SEB203 Southern Education and Library Board - Northern Ireland
SEE203 South Eastern Education and Library Board - Northern Ireland
SNL851 Sports Council for Northern Ireland Lottery Distrubution Account
USE207 Ulster Supported Employment Limited - Northern Ireland
WEL203 Western Education and Library Board - Northern Ireland
NIL206 Northern Ireland Local Government Officers Superannuation Committee
RAI208 N Ireland Health & Personal Social Services Regulation and Improvement Auth
NCT207 Northern Ireland Construction Industry Training Board
RMP208 Northern Ireland Regional Medical Physics Agency
SIB211 Strategic Investment Board
NIS202 Northern Ireland Screen Commission
APO202 Armagh Planetarium and Observatory
COR211 Community Relations Council for Northern Ireland
NIO097 Northern Ireland Office
NIP097 Northern Ireland Policing Board
PBN097 Probation Board for Northern Ireland
PON097 Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland
PSN097 Police Service of Northern Ireland
CJI097 Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland
SCT075 Scottish Government
CRA075 Scottish Childrens Reporter Administration
CRC075 Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission
EPA075 Scottish Environment Protection Agency
FEC075 Scottish Further Education Funding Council
GRS075 General Registers of Scotland
HIE075 Highlands and Islands Enterprise
HOM075 Scottish Homes
LAB075 Scottish Legal Aid Board
LTS075 Learning and Teaching Scotland
NAS075 National Archives of Scotland
NGS075 National Galleries of Scotland
NLS075 National Library of Scotland
NMU075 National Museums of Scotland
PFS075 Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service - Scotland
RBG075 Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh
SAC075 Scottish Arts Council
SEN075 Scottish Enterprise
SHE075 Scottish Higher Education Funding Council
SNH075 Scottish Natural Heritage
SPS075 Sport Scotland
SQA075 Scottish Qualifications Authority
SSS075 Scottish Screen
STB075 Visit Scotland
SCR075 Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care
SFC075 Scottish Funding Council
SPA075 Scottish Police Services Authority
CAB010 Cabinet Office
CAP010 Capacity Builders
DIS063 Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills
NES063 National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts
CIT063 Construction Industry Training Board
EIT063 Engineering Construction Industry Training Board
HEF063 Higher Education Funding Council for England
LSC063 Learning and Skills Council
SLC063 Student Loans Company Ltd
SSD063 Sector Skills Development Agency
UNI063 UFI Limited
QIA063 Quality Improvement Agency
AHC063 Arts and Humanities Research Council
BRC063 Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
EPS063 Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
ESR063 Economic and Social Research Council
MRC063 Medical Research Council
NER063 Natural Environment Research Council
STF063 Science and Technology Facilities Council
TST063 Technology Strategy Board
UKC063 UK Commission for Employment and Skills
LSI063 Learning and Skills Improvement Service
SSC063 Research Councils Shared Service Centre
FIT063 Film Industry Training Board for England and Wales
AFS902 Armed Forces Retired Pay, Pensions etc
ARA035 Assets Recovery Agency
BTI013 UK Trade & Investment
CHC009 Charity Commission
CPS016 The Crown Prosecution Service
DID030 Department for International Development
DNS049 National Savings and Investments
ELC011 Electoral Commission
FCM028 Forestry Commission
FCO027 Foreign and Commonwealth Office
FPS911 DFP - Superannuation & Other Allowances - Northern Ireland
FSA026 Food Standards Agency
GAD031 Government Actuary\'s Department
HGT089 HM Procurator General and Treasury Solicitor
HMC015 HM Customs and Excise
HMT087 HM Treasury
ILF811 Independent Living Fund
ILR041 HM Revenue and Customs
JPS908 Ministry of Justice: Judicial Pensions Scheme
LRG045 Land Registry
NHP903 National Health Service Pension Scheme
OFT074 Office of Fair Trading
OGE020 Office of Gas and Electricity Markets
OIS022 Office for Standards in Education, Children\'s Services and Skills
ONS005 Office for National Statistics
ORR088 Office of Rail Regulation
OSS907 Department for International Development: Overseas Superannuation
OTL044 Office of Telecommunications
OWS057 Water Services Regulation Authority
PCO065 Privy Council Office
PCS901 Cabinet Office: Civil superannuation
PPS912 Police Pension Scheme - Northern Ireland Office
PRO067 The National Archives
PSC006 Postal Services Commission
RCP046 Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office
RCP906 Research Councils Pension Scheme
SFO019 Serious Fraud Office
SIV007 Security and Intelligence Agencies
SNI909 Teachers Superanuation Scheme Statements - Northern Ireland
SNP914 Scottish NHS Pension Scheme
STP913 Scottish Teachers Pension Scheme
TPS904 Teachers' Pension Scheme (England & Wales)
UKP905 Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform: UKAEA pension schemes
DOF061 Deputy Prime Minister's Office
NSG062 National School of Government
EHR064 Equality and Human Rights Commission
GEO064 Government Equalities Office
DEC066 Department of Energy and Climate Change
CNC066 Civil Nuclear Police Authority and Constabulary
COL066 Coal Authority
NDA066 Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
NUL066 Nuclear Liabilities Fund
OFQ070 Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation

English Local Government

COINS Code Name of public body
E0101 Bath & North East Somerset Council
E0102 Bristol City Council
E0103 South Gloucestershire Council
E0104 North Somerset Council
E0201 Luton Borough Council
E0221 Bedfordshire County Council
E0231 Bedford Borough Council
E0233 Mid Bedfordshire District Council
E0234 South Bedfordshire District Council
E0301 Bracknell Forest Borough Council
E0302 West Berkshire Council
E0303 Reading Borough Council
E0304 Slough Borough Council
E0305 Windsor and Maidenhead (Royal Borough of)
E0306 Wokingham Council
E0401 Milton Keynes Council
E0421 Buckinghamshire County Council
E0431 Aylesbury Vale District Council
E0432 Chiltern District Council
E0434 South Bucks District Council
E0435 Wycombe District Council
E0501 Peterborough City Council
E0521 Cambridgeshire County Council
E0531 Cambridge City Council
E0532 East Cambridgeshire District Council
E0533 Fenland District Council
E0536 South Cambridgeshire District Council
E0551 Huntingdonshire District Council
E0601 Halton Borough Council
E0602 Warrington Borough Council
E0621 Cheshire County Council
E0631 Chester City Council
E0632 Congleton Borough Council
E0633 Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council
E0634 Ellesmere Port and Neston Borough Council
E0636 Macclesfield Borough Council
E0637 Vale Royal Borough Council
E0701 Hartlepool Borough Council
E0702 Middlesbrough Council
E0703 Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council
E0704 Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council
E0820 Cornwall County Council
E0831 Caradon District Council
E0832 Carrick District Council
E0833 Kerrier District Council
E0834 North Cornwall District Council
E0835 Penwith District Council
E0836 Restormel Borough Council
E0920 Cumbria County Council
E0931 Allerdale Borough Council
E0932 Barrow-in-Furness Borough Council
E0933 Carlisle City Council
E0934 Copeland Borough Council
E0935 Eden District Council
E0936 South Lakeland District Council
E1001 Derby City Council
E1021 Derbyshire County Council
E1031 Amber Valley Borough Council
E1032 Bolsover District Council
E1033 Chesterfield Borough Council
E1035 Derbyshire Dales District Council
E1036 Erewash Borough Council
E1037 High Peak Borough Council
E1038 North East Derbyshire District Council
E1039 South Derbyshire District Council
E1101 Plymouth City Council
E1102 Torbay Council
E1121 Devon County Council
E1131 East Devon District Council
E1132 Exeter City Council
E1133 Mid Devon District Council
E1134 North Devon District Council
E1136 South Hams District Council
E1137 Teignbridge District Council
E1139 Torridge District Council
E1140 West Devon Borough Council
E1201 Poole (Borough of)
E1202 Bournemouth Council
E1221 Dorset County Council
E1232 Christchurch Borough Council
E1233 East Dorset District Council
E1234 North Dorset District Council
E1236 Purbeck District Council
E1237 West Dorset District Council
E1238 Weymouth and Portland Borough Council
E1301 Darlington Borough Council
E1321 Durham County Council
E1331 Chester-le-Street District Council
E1333 Derwentside District Council
E1334 Durham City Council
E1335 Easington District Council
E1336 Sedgefield Borough Council
E1337 Teesdale District Council
E1338 Wear Valley District Council
E1401 Brighton & Hove City Council
E1421 East Sussex County Council
E1432 Eastbourne Borough Council
E1433 Hastings Borough Council
E1435 Lewes District Council
E1436 Rother District Council
E1437 Wealden District Council
E1501 Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
E1502 Thurrock Borough Council
E1521 Essex County Council
E1531 Basildon District Council
E1532 Braintree District Council
E1533 Brentwood Borough Council
E1534 Castle Point Borough Council
E1535 Chelmsford Borough Council
E1536 Colchester Borough Council
E1537 Epping Forest District Council
E1538 Harlow District Council
E1539 Maldon District Council
E1540 Rochford District Council
E1542 Tendring District Council
E1544 Uttlesford District Council
E1620 Gloucestershire County Council
E1631 Cheltenham Borough Council
E1632 Cotswold District Council
E1633 Forest of Dean District Council
E1634 Gloucester City Council
E1635 Stroud District Council
E1636 Tewkesbury Borough Council
E1701 Portsmouth City Council
E1702 Southampton City Council
E1721 Hampshire County Council
E1731 Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council
E1732 East Hampshire District Council
E1733 Eastleigh Borough Council
E1734 Fareham Borough Council
E1735 Gosport Borough Council
E1736 Hart District Council
E1737 Havant Borough Council
E1738 New Forest District Council
E1740 Rushmoor Borough Council
E1742 Test Valley Borough Council
E1743 Winchester City Council
E1801 Herefordshire Council
E1821 Worcestershire County Council
E1831 Bromsgrove District Council
E1835 Redditch Borough Council
E1837 Worcester City Council
E1838 Wychavon District Council
E1839 Wyre Forest District Council
E1851 Malvern Hills District Council
E1920 Hertfordshire County Council
E1931 Broxbourne Borough Council
E1932 Dacorum Borough Council
E1933 East Hertfordshire District Council
E1934 Hertsmere Borough Council
E1935 North Hertfordshire District Council
E1936 St Albans City and District Council
E1937 Stevenage Borough Council
E1938 Three Rivers District Council
E1939 Watford Borough Council
E1940 Welwyn Hatfield District Council
E2001 East Riding of Yorkshire Council
E2002 Kingston upon Hull City Council
E2003 North East Lincolnshire Council
E2004 North Lincolnshire Council
E2101 Isle of Wight Council
E2201 Medway Council
E2221 Kent County Council
E2231 Ashford Borough Council
E2232 Canterbury City Council
E2233 Dartford Borough Council
E2234 Dover District Council
E2236 Gravesham Borough Council
E2237 Maidstone Borough Council
E2239 Sevenoaks District Council
E2240 Shepway District Council
E2241 Swale Borough Council
E2242 Thanet District Council
E2243 Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council
E2244 Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
E2301 Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council
E2302 Blackpool Borough Council
E2321 Lancashire County Council
E2333 Burnley Borough Council
E2334 Chorley Borough Council
E2335 Fylde Borough Council
E2336 Hyndburn Borough Council
E2337 Lancaster City Council
E2338 Pendle Borough Council
E2339 Preston City Council
E2340 Ribble Valley Borough Council
E2341 Rossendale Borough Council
E2342 South Ribble Borough Council
E2343 West Lancashire District Council
E2344 Wyre Borough Council
E2401 Leicester City Council
E2402 Rutland County Council
E2421 Leicestershire County Council
E2431 Blaby District Council
E2432 Charnwood Borough Council
E2433 Harborough District Council
E2434 Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council
E2436 Melton Borough Council
E2437 North West Leicestershire District Council
E2438 Oadby and Wigston Borough Council
E2520 Lincolnshire County Council
E2531 Boston Borough Council
E2532 East Lindsey District Council
E2533 Lincoln City Council
E2534 North Kesteven District Council
E2535 South Holland District Council
E2536 South Kesteven District Council
E2537 West Lindsey District Council
E2620 Norfolk County Council
E2631 Breckland District Council
E2632 Broadland District Council
E2633 Great Yarmouth Borough Council
E2634 Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council
E2635 North Norfolk District Council
E2636 Norwich City Council
E2637 South Norfolk District Council
E2701 City of York Council
E2721 North Yorkshire County Council
E2731 Craven District Council
E2732 Hambleton District Council
E2734 Richmondshire District Council
E2736 Scarborough Borough Council
E2753 Harrogate Borough Council
E2755 Ryedale District Council
E2757 Selby District Council
E2820 Northamptonshire County Council
E2831 Corby Borough Council
E2832 Daventry District Council
E2833 East Northamptonshire District Council
E2834 Kettering Borough Council
E2835 Northampton Borough Council
E2836 South Northamptonshire Council
E2837 Wellingborough Borough Council
E2920 Northumberland County Council
E2931 Alnwick District Council
E2932 Berwick-upon-Tweed Borough Council
E2933 Blyth Valley Borough Council
E2934 Castle Morpeth Borough Council
E2935 Tynedale District Council
E2936 Wansbeck District Council
E3001 Nottingham City Council
E3021 Nottinghamshire County Council
E3031 Ashfield District Council
E3032 Bassetlaw District Council
E3033 Broxtowe Borough Council
E3034 Gedling Borough Council
E3035 Mansfield District Council
E3036 Newark and Sherwood District Council
E3038 Rushcliffe Borough Council
E3120 Oxfordshire County Council
E3131 Cherwell District Council
E3132 Oxford City Council
E3133 South Oxfordshire District Council
E3134 Vale of White Horse District Council
E3135 West Oxfordshire District Council
E3201 Telford and Wrekin (Borough of)
E3221 Shropshire County Council
E3231 Bridgnorth District Council
E3232 North Shropshire District Council
E3233 Oswestry Borough Council
E3234 Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council
E3235 South Shropshire District Council
E3320 Somerset County Council
E3331 Mendip District Council
E3332 Sedgemoor District Council
E3333 Taunton Deane Borough Council
E3334 South Somerset District Council
E3335 West Somerset District Council
E3401 Stoke-on-Trent City Council
E3421 Staffordshire County Council
E3431 Cannock Chase District Council
E3432 East Staffordshire Borough Council
E3433 Lichfield District Council
E3434 Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council
E3435 South Staffordshire District Council
E3436 Stafford Borough Council
E3437 Staffordshire Moorlands District Council
E3439 Tamworth Borough Council
E3520 Suffolk County Council
E3531 Babergh District Council
E3532 Forest Heath District Council
E3533 Ipswich Borough Council
E3534 Mid Suffolk District Council
E3535 St Edmundsbury Borough Council
E3536 Suffolk Coastal District Council
E3537 Waveney District Council
E3620 Surrey County Council
E3631 Elmbridge Borough Council
E3632 Epsom and Ewell Borough Council
E3633 Guildford Borough Council
E3634 Mole Valley District Council
E3635 Reigate and Banstead Borough Council
E3636 Runnymede Borough Council
E3637 Spelthorne Borough Council
E3638 Surrey Heath Borough Council
E3639 Tandridge District Council
E3640 Waverley Borough Council
E3641 Woking Borough Council
E3720 Warwickshire County Council
E3731 North Warwickshire Borough Council
E3732 Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council
E3733 Rugby Borough Council
E3734 Stratford-on-Avon District Council
E3735 Warwick District Council
E3820 West Sussex County Council
E3831 Adur District Council
E3832 Arun District Council
E3833 Chichester District Council
E3834 Crawley Borough Council
E3835 Horsham District Council
E3836 Mid Sussex District Council
E3837 Worthing Borough Council
E3901 Swindon Borough Council
E3921 Wiltshire County Council
E3931 Kennet District Council
E3932 North Wiltshire District Council
E3933 Salisbury District Council
E3935 West Wiltshire District Council
E4001 Isles of Scilly (Council of the)
E4201 Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council
E4202 Bury Metropolitan Borough Council
E4203 Manchester City Council
E4204 Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council
E4205 Rochdale Borough Council
E4206 Salford City Council
E4207 Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
E4208 Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council
E4209 Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council
E4210 Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council
E4301 Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council
E4302 Liverpool City Council
E4303 St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council
E4304 Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council
E4305 Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council
E4401 Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
E4402 Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council
E4403 Rotherham Borough Council
E4404 Sheffield City Council
E4501 Gateshead Council
E4502 Newcastle upon Tyne City Council
E4503 North Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council
E4504 South Tyneside Council
E4505 Sunderland City Metropolitan Borough Council
E4601 Birmingham City Council
E4602 Coventry City Council
E4603 Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council
E4604 Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
E4605 Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
E4606 Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council
E4607 Wolverhampton City Council
E4701 Bradford City Council
E4702 Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council
E4703 Kirklees Metropolitan Council
E4704 Leeds City Council
E4705 Wakefield City Council
E5010 Common Council of the City of London
E5011 Camden London Borough Council
E5012 Greenwich London Borough Council
E5013 Hackney London Borough Council
E5014 Hammersmith and Fulham London Borough Council
E5015 Islington London Borough Council
E5016 Kensington and Chelsea Council (Royal Borough of)
E5017 Lambeth London Borough Council
E5018 Lewisham London Borough Council
E5019 Southwark London Borough Council
E5020 Tower Hamlets London Borough Council
E5021 Wandsworth London Borough Council
E5022 Westminster City Council
E5030 Barking & Dagenham London Borough Council
E5031 Barnet London Borough Council
E5032 Bexley London Borough Council
E5033 Brent London Borough Council
E5034 Bromley London Borough Council
E5035 Croydon London Borough Council
E5036 Ealing London Borough Council
E5037 Enfield London Borough Council
E5038 Haringey London Borough Council
E5039 Harrow London Borough Council
E5040 Havering London Borough Council
E5041 Hillingdon London Borough Council
E5042 Hounslow London Borough Council
E5043 Kingston upon Thames Council (Royal Borough of)
E5044 Merton Borough Council
E5045 Newham London Borough Council
E5046 Redbridge London Borough Council
E5047 Richmond upon Thames Borough Council
E5048 Sutton London Borough Council
E5049 Waltham Forest London Borough Council
E5100 Greater London Authority

English Police Authority

COINS Code Name of public body
E6002 Bedfordshire Police Authority
E6005 Cambridgeshire Police Authority
E6006 Cheshire Police Authority
E6007 Cleveland Police Authority
E6009 Cumbria Police Authority
E6010 Derbyshire Police Authority
E6012 Dorset Police Authority
E6013 Durham Police Authority
E6016 Gloucestershire Police Authority
E6020 Humberside Police Authority
E6022 Kent Police Authority
E6023 Lancashire Police Authority
E6024 Leicestershire Police Authority
E6025 Lincolnshire Police Authority
E6026 Norfolk Police Authority
E6027 North Yorkshire Police Authority
E6028 Northamptonshire Police Authority
E6030 Nottinghamshire Police Authority
E6034 Staffordshire Police Authority
E6035 Suffolk Police Authority
E6037 Warwickshire Police Authority
E6039 Wiltshire Police Authority
E6042 Greater Manchester Police Authority
E6043 Merseyside Police Authority
E6044 South Yorkshire Police Authority
E6045 Northumbria Police Authority
E6046 West Midlands Police Authority
E6047 West Yorkshire Police Authority
E6050 Avon and Somerset Police Authority
E6051 Devon and Cornwall Police Authority
E6052 Hampshire Police Authority
E6053 Sussex Police Authority
E6054 Thames Valley Police Authority
E6055 West Mercia Police Authority
E6071 Essex Police Authority
E6072 Hertfordshire Police Authority
E6073 Surrey Police Authority

English Fire Authorities etc

COINS Code Name of public body
E6101 Avon Fire Authority
E6102 Bedfordshire and Luton Fire Authority
E6103 Royal Berkshire Fire Authority
E6104 Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Fire Authority
E6105 Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Fire Authority
E6106 Cheshire Fire Authority
E6107 Cleveland Fire Authority
E6110 Derbyshire Fire Authority
E6111 Devon Fire and Rescue Service
E6112 Dorset Fire Authority
E6113 County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Authority
E6161 Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority
E6114 East Sussex Fire Authority
E6115 Essex Fire Authority
E6117 Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority
E6118 Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Authority
E6120 Humberside Fire Authority
E6122 Kent and Medway Fire and Rescue Authority
E6123 Lancashire Fire Authority
E6124 Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Combined Fire Authority
E6127 North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority
E6130 Nottinghamshire and City of Nottingham Fire and Rescue Authority
E6132 Shropshire and Wrekin Fire Authority
E6134 Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Fire Authority
E6139 Wiltshire and Swindon Fire Authority
E6142 Greater Manchester Fire and Civil Defence Authority
E6143 Merseyside Fire and Civil Defence Authority
E6144 South Yorkshire Fire and Civil Defence Authority
E6145 Tyne and Wear Fire and Civil Defence Authority
E6146 West Midlands Fire and Civil Defence Authority
E6147 West Yorkshire Fire and Civil Defence Authority

English Waste Authorities

COINS Code Name of public body
E6201 East London Waste Authority
E6202 Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority
E6204 Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority
E6205 North London Waste Authority
E6206 Western Riverside Waste Authority
E6207 West London Waste Authority

English Transport Authorities

COINS Code Name of public body
E6342 Greater Manchester Integrated Transport Authority
E6343 Merseyside Integrated Transport Authority
E6344 South Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority
E6345 Tyne & Wear Integrated Transport Authority
E6346 West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority
E6347 West Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority

English National Park Authorities

COINS Code Name of public body
E6401 Dartmoor National Park Authority
E6402 Exmoor National Park Authority
E6403 Lake District National Park Authority
E6404 North York Moors National Park Authority
E6405 Northumberland National Park Authority
E6406 Peak District National Park Authority
E6407 Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority
E6408 Broads Authority (The)
E6803 Lee Valley Regional Park Authority
E6409 New Forest National Park Authority


COINS Code Name of public body
E5101 London Development Agency
E5102 London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority
E5103 Metropolitan Police Authority
E5104 Transport for London
E5105 Museum of London

Scottish Local Government

See also: Scottish councils.

COINS Code Name of public body
S001 Aberdeen City Council
S002 Aberdeenshire Council
S003 Angus Council
S004 Argyll and Bute Council
S005 Clackmanannshire Council
S006 Western Isles Council
S007 Dumfries and Galloway Council
S008 Dundee City Council
S009 East Ayrshire Council
S010 East Dunbartonshire Council
S011 East Lothian Council
S012 East Renfrewshire Council
S013 Edinburgh City Council
S014 Falkirk Council
S015 Fife Council
S016 Glasgow City Council
S017 Highland Council
S018 Inverclyde Council
S019 Midlothian Council
S020 Moray Council
S021 North Ayrshire Council
S022 North Lanarkshire Council
S023 Orkney Islands Council
S024 Perth & Kinross District Council
S025 Perth and Kinross Council
S026 Renfrewshire Council
S027 Scottish Borders Council
S028 Shetland Islands Council
S029 South Ayrshire Council
S030 South Lanarkshire Council
S031 Stirling Council
S032 West Dunbartonshire Council
S033 West Lothian Council
S034 Central Scotland Fire and Rescue Service
S035 Grampian Fire and Rescue Service
S036 Highlands & Islands Fire Brigade
S037 Lothian & Borders Fire and Rescue Service
S038 Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Service
S039 Tayside Fire and Rescue
S040 Central Scotland Police
S041 Grampian Police
S042 Lothian & Borders Police
S043 Northern Constabulary
S044 Strathclyde Police
S045 Tayside Police

Scottish Transport

See also: Transport Partnership.

COINS Code Name of public body
S046 Strathclyde Partnership for Transport
S047 Cairngorms NPA
S048 Loch Lomond & the Trossachs NPA
S049 South-East of Scotland Transport Partnership (SESTRAN)
S050 Tayside and Central Scotland Transport Partnership (TACTRAN)
S051 Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership (HITRANS)
S052 North-East of Scotland Transport Partnership (NESTRANS)
S053 Shetland Transport Partnership
S054 South-West of Scotland Transport Partnership

Welsh Local Government

COINS Code Name of public body
W512 Isle of Anglesey County Council
W514 Gwynedd County Council
W516 Conwy County Borough Council
W518 Denbighshire County Council
W520 Flintshire County Council
W522 Wrexham County Borough Council
W524 Powys County Council
W526 Ceredigion County Council
W528 Pembrokeshire County Council
W530 Carmarthenshire County Council
W532 Swansea City and County Council
W534 Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council
W536 Bridgend County Borough Council
W538 Vale of Glamorgan County Council
W540 Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council
W542 Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council
W544 Caerphilly County Borough Council
W545 Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council
W546 Torfaen County Borough Council
W548 Monmouthshire County Council
W550 Newport City Council
W552 Cardiff City and County Council
W562 Dyfed Powys Police Authority
W564 Gwent Police Authority
W566 North Wales Police Authority
W568 South Wales Police Authority
W572 Mid and West Wales Fire Authority
W574 North Wales Fire Authority
W576 South Wales Fire Authority
W582 Brecon Beacons National Park Authority
W584 Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority
W586 Snowdonia National Park Authority

Northern Ireland Local Government

COINS Code Name of public body
NI001 Antrim Borough Council
NI002 Ards Borough Council
NI003 Armagh City & District Council
NI004 Ballymena Borough Council
NI005 Ballymoney Borough Council
NI006 Banbridge District Council
NI007 Belfast City Council
NI008 Carrickfergus Borough Council
NI009 Castlereagh Borough Council
NI010 Coleraine Borough Council
NI011 Cookstown District County Council
NI012 Craigavon Borough Council
NI013 Derry City Council
NI014 Down District Council
NI015 Dungannon District Council
NI016 Fermanagh District Council
NI017 Larne Borough Council
NI018 Limavady Borough Council
NI019 Lisburn Borough Council
NI020 Magherafelt District Council
NI021 Moyle District Council
NI022 Newry and Mourne District Council
NI023 Newtownabbey Borough Council
NI024 North Down Borough Council
NI025 Omagh District Council
NI026 Strabane District Council
NI027 ARC 21 Joint Committee

NHS England

COINS Code Name of public body
NHTRA2NFT Royal Surrey County Hospital NFT
NHTRA3NFT Weston Area Health NFT
NHTRA4NFT East Somerset NFT
NHTRA7NFT United Bristol Healthcare NFT
NHTRA9NFT South Devon Health Care NFT
NHTRAJNFT Southend Hospital NFT
NHTRALNFT Royal Free Hampstead NFT
NHTRANNFT Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NFT
NHTRAPNFT North Middlesex University Hospital NFT
NHTRASNFT The Hillingdon Hospital NFT
NHTRATNFT North East London Mental Health NFT
NHTRAXNFT Kingston Hospital NFT
NHTRB1NFT Avon Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRB4NFT Essex Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRB5NFT Gloucestershire Ambulance Services NFT
NHTRB6NFT Mersey Regional Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRB7NFT Staffordshire Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRB8NFT South Yorkshire Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRBANFT Taunton and Somerset NFT
NHTRBBNFT Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Di NFT
NHTRBDNFT West Dorset General Hospitals NFT
NHTRBFNFT Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre NFT
NHTRBKNFT Walsall Hospitals NFT
NHTRBLNFT Wirral Hospital NFT
NHTRBNNFT St Helens and Knowsley Hospitals NFT
NHTRBQNFT The Cardiothoracic Centre - Liverpool NFT
NHTRBSNFT Royal Liverpool Childrens NFT
NHTRBTNFT The Mid Cheshire Hospitals NFT
NHTRBVNFT Christie Hospital NFT
NHTRBXNFT Lincolnshire Ambulance and Health Transp NFT
NHTRBZNFT Northern Devon Healthcare NFT
NHTRC1NFT Bedford Hospitals NFT
NHTRC3NFT Ealing Hospital NFT
NHTRC9NFT Luton and Dunstable Hospital NFT
NHTRCBNFT York Hospitals NFT
NHTRCCNFT Scarborough and North East Yorkshire Hea NFT
NHTRCDNFT Harrogate Health Care NFT
NHTRCSNFT Nottingham City Hospital NFT
NHTRCUNFT Sheffield Children\'s Hospital NFT
NHTRCXNFT Kings Lynn and Wisbech Hospitals NFT
NHTRD1NFT Royal United Hospital Bath NFT
NHTRD3NFT Poole Hospitals NFT
NHTRD7NFT Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals NFT
NHTRD8NFT Milton Keynes General Hospital NFT
NHTRDDNFT Basildon and Thurrock University Hospita NFT
NHTRDENFT Essex Rivers Healthcare NFT
NHTRDHNFT New Possibilities NFT
NHTRDRNFT South Downs Health NFT
NHTRDUNFT Frimley Park Hospital NFT
NHTRDYNFT Dorset Health Care NFT
NHTRDZNFT Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospi NFT
NHTRE6NFT Cumbria Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRE9NFT South Tyneside Health Care NFT
NHTREFNFT Royal Cornwall Hospitals NFT
NHTREMNFT Aintree Hospitals NFT
NHTRENNFT Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology NFT
NHTREPNFT Liverpool Womens Hospital NFT
NHTRETNFT Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosur NFT
NHTREUNFT Burnley Health Care NFT
NHTRF4NFT Barking, Havering and Redbridge Hospital NFT
NHTRFFNFT Barnsley District General Hospital NFT
NHTRFKNFT Queen\'s Medical Centre, Nottingham Unive NFT
NHTRFRNFT Rotherham General Hospitals NFT
NHTRFSNFT Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Royal NFT
NHTRFUNFT Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Ambulance NFT
NHTRFWNFT West Middlesex University NFT
NHTRG2NFT Queen Elizabeth Hospital NFT
NHTRG3NFT Bromley Hospitals NFT
NHTRGCNFT Whipps Cross University Hospital NFT
NHTRGDNFT Leeds Mental Health Teaching NFT
NHTRGHNFT West Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Se NFT
NHTRGNNFT Peterborough Hospitals NFT
NHTRGPNFT James Paget Healthcare NFT
NHTRGQNFT Ipswich Hospital NFT
NHTRGRNFT West Suffolk Hospitals NFT
NHTRGTNFT Addenbrooke\'s NFT
NHTRGZNFT Queen Mary\'s Sidcup NFT
NHTRH1NFT Royal Berkshire Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRH2NFT South Buckinghamshire NFT
NHTRH5NFT Somerset Partnership NHS and Social Care NFT
NHTRH8NFT Royal Devon and Exeter Healthcare NFT
NHTRHANFT Nottinghamshire Healthcare NFT
NHTRHMNFT Southampton University Hospitals NFT
NHTRHPNFT Dorset Ambulance NFT
NHTRHRNFT Wiltshire Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRHUNFT Portsmouth Hospitals NFT
NHTRHWNFT Royal Berkshire and Battle Hospitals NFT
NHTRHXNFT Oxfordshire Learning Disability NFT
NHTRHYNFT Two Shires Ambulance NFT
NHTRJ1NFT Guy\'s and St Thomas\' NFT
NHTRJ2NFT The Lewisham Hospital NFT
NHTRJ5NFT St Mary\'s NFT - do not use merged with NHTRQNNFT
NHTRJ6NFT Mayday Healthcare NFT
NHTRJ7NFT St George\'s Healthcare NFT
NHTRJ8NFT Cornwall Partnership NFT
NHTRJ9NFT Westcountry Ambulance Services NFT
NHTRJCNFT South Warwickshire General Hospitals NFT
NHTRJDNFT Mid Staffordshire General Hospitals NFT
NHTRJENFT University Hospital of North Staffordshi NFT
NHTRJFNFT Burton Hospitals NFT
NHTRJHNFT Good Hope Hospital NFT
NHTRJLNFT Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospital NFT
NHTRJUNFT Chorley and South Ribble NFT
NHTRJXNFT Calderstones NFT
NHTRJZNFT King\'s College Hospital NFT
NHTRK5NFT Sherwood Forest Hospitals NFT
NHTRK7NFT Community Health Sheffield NFT
NHTRK9NFT Plymouth Hospitals NFT
NHTRKANFT West Midlands Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRKBNFT University Hospitals Coventry and Warwic NFT
NHTRKDNFT Hampshire Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRKENFT The Whittington Hospital NFT
NHTRKFNFT The Princess Royal Hospital NFT
NHTRKLNFT West London Mental Health NFT
NHTRL1NFT Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic NFT
NHTRL4NFT The Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NFT
NHTRL5NFT Hereford And Worcester Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRL6NFT Warwickshire Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRLQNFT Hereford Hospitals NFT
NHTRLTNFT George Eliot Hospital NFT
NHTRLUNFT Birmingham Women\'s Health Care NFT
NHTRLYNFT North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NFT
NHTRLZNFT Royal Shrewsbury Hospitals NFT
NHTRM1NFT Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NFT
NHTRM2NFT South Manchester University Hospitals NFT
NHTRM3NFT Salford Royal Hospitals NFT
NHTRM4NFT Trafford Healthcare NFT
NHTRM6NFT Northgate and Prudhoe NFT
NHTRMANFT Greater Manchester Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRMBNFT Blackburn, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley He NFT
NHTRMCNFT Bolton Hospitals NFT
NHTRMDNFT Lancashire Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRMFNFT Preston Acute Hospitals NFT
NHTRMHNFT Mental Health Services of Salford NFT
NHTRMPNFT Tameside and Glossop Acute Services NFT
NHTRMYNFT Norfolk Mental Health Care NFT
NHTRMZNFT East Anglian Ambulance NFT
NHTRN1NFT Winchester and Eastleigh Healthcare NFT
NHTRN3NFT Swindon and Marlborough NFT
NHTRN5NFT North Hampshire Hospitals NFT
NHTRN7NFT Dartford and Gravesham NFT
NHTRNANFT Dudley Group of Hospitals NFT
NHTRNDNFT South Birmingham Mental Health NFT
NHTRNFNFT Northern Birmingham Mental Health NFT
NHTRNHNFT Newham Healthcare NFT
NHTRNJNFT Barts and The London NFT
NHTRNKNFT Tavistock and Portman NFT
NHTRNLNFT North Cumbria Acute Hospitals NFT
NHTRNNNFT North Cumbria Mental Health and Learning NFT
NHTRNPNFT Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumber NFT
NHTRNQNFT Kettering General Hospital NFT
NHTRNSNFT Northampton General Hospital NFT
NHTRNTNFT Stoke Mandeville Hospital NFT
NHTRNUNFT Oxfordshire Mental Healthcare NFT
NHTRNYNFT Oxfordshire Ambulance NFT
NHTRNZNFT Salisbury Health Care NFT
NHTRP1NFT Northamptonshire Healthcare NFT
NHTRP4NFT Great Ormond Street Hospital NFT
NHTRP7NFT Lincolnshire Partnership NFT
NHTRPCNFT The Queen Victoria Hospital NFT
NHTRPHNFT Kent Ambulance NFT
NHTRPLNFT Worthing and Southlands Hospitals NFT
NHTRPQNFT Surrey Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRPRNFT Royal West Sussex NFT
NHTRQ2NFT Sussex Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRQ3NFT Birmingham Children\'s Hospital NFT
NHTRQ4NFT Black Country Mental Health NFT
NHTRQ5NFT Wolverhampton Health Care NFT
NHTRQ6NFT Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Universit NFT
NHTRQ8NFT Mid Essex Hospital Services NFT
NHTRQMNFT Chelsea and Westminster Healthcare NFT
NHTRQNNFT Imperial College Healthcare NFT
NHTRQQNFT Hinchingbrooke Health Care NFT
NHTRQWNFT The Princess Alexandra Hospital NFT
NHTRQXNFT Homerton University Hospital NFT
NHTRQYNFT South West London and St George\'s Mental NFT
NHTRR1NFT Birmingham Heartlands and Solihull (Teac NFT
NHTRR2NFT Isle of Wight Healthcare NFT
NHTRR7NFT Gateshead Health NFT
NHTRR8NFT Leeds Teaching Hospitals NFT
NHTRR9NFT North Durham Health Care NFT
NHTRRDNFT North Essex Mental Health Partnership NFT
NHTRRENFT South Staffordshire Healthcare NFT
NHTRRFNFT Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NFT
NHTRRJNFT Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NFT
NHTRRPNFT Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Heal NFT
NHTRRUNFT London Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRRVNFT University College London Hosp NFT
NHTRT1NFT Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Mental H NFT
NHTRT2NFT Pennine Care NFT
NHTRT3NFT Royal Brompton and Harefield NFT
NHTRT5NFT Leicestershire Partnership NFT
NHTRT6NFT Local Health Partnerships NFT
NHTRTANFT South Durham Health Care NFT
NHTRTCNFT County Durham and Darlington Priority Se NFT
NHTRTDNFT The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NFT
NHTRTFNFT Northumbria Health Care NFT
NHTRTGNFT Southern Derbyshire Acute Hospitals NFT
NHTRTHNFT Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NFT
NHTRTJNFT Surrey Hampshire Borders NFT
NHTRTKNFT Ashford and St Peter\'s Hospitals NFT
NHTRTMNFT East Kent NHS and Social Care Partnershi NFT
NHTRTNNFT Surrey Oaklands NFT
NHTRTPNFT Surrey And Sussex Healthcare NFT
NHTRTQNFT Gloucestershire Partnership NFT
NHTRTRNFT South Tees Hospitals NFT
NHTRTVNFT 5 Boroughs Partnership NFT
NHTRTXNFT Morecambe Bay Hospitals NFT
NHTRV1NFT Tees East and North Yorkshire Ambulance NFT
NHTRV3NFT Central and North West London Mental Hea NFT
NHTRV5NFT South London and Maudsley NFT
NHTRV6NFT East Midlands Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRV7NFT Bedfordshire and Luton Community NFT
NHTRV8NFT North West London Hospitals NFT
NHTRV9NFT Hull and East Riding Community Health NFT
NHTRVKNFT North East Ambulance Service NFT
NHTRVLNFT Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NFT
NHTRVNNFT Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partner NFT
NHTRVRNFT Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NFT
NHTRVVNFT East Kent Hospitals NFT
NHTRVWNFT North Tees and Hartlepool NFT
NHTRVXNFT Tees and North East Yorkshire NFT
NHTRVYNFT Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NFT
NHTRW1NFT West Hampshire NFT
NHTRW3NFT Central Manchester and Manchester Childr NFT
NHTRW5NFT Lancashire Care NFT
NHTRW6NFT Pennine Acute Hospitals NFT
NHTRW7NFT North West Surrey Mental Health NHS Part NFT
NHTRW8NFT West Sussex Health and Social Care NFT
NHTRW9NFT South of Tyne and Wearside Mental Health NFT
NHTRWANFT Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NFT
NHTRWCNFT Doncaster and South Humber Healthcare NFT
NHTRWDNFT United Lincolnshire Hospitals NFT
NHTRWENFT University Hospitals of Leicester NFT
NHTRWFNFT Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NFT
NHTRWGNFT West Hertfordshire Hospitals NFT
NHTRWHNFT East And North Hertfordshire NFT
NHTRWKNFT East London and the City Mental Health NFT
NHTRWNNFT South Essex Partnership NFT
NHTRWPNFT Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NFT
NHTRWQNFT Worcestershire Mental Health Partnership NFT
NHTRWRNFT Hertfordshire Partnership NFT
NHTRWTNFT Buckinghamshire Mental Health NFT
NHTRWVNFT Devon Partnership NFT
NHTRWWNFT North Cheshire Hospitals NFT
NHTRWXNFT Berkshire Healthcare NFT
NHTRWYNFT Calderdale and Huddersfield NFT
NHTRXANFT Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NFT
NHTRXCNFT East Sussex Hospitals NFT
NHTRXDNFT East Sussex County Healthcare NFT
NHTRXFNFT Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NFT
NHTRXGNFT South West Yorkshire Mental Health NFT
NHTRXHNFT Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NFT
NHTRXJNFT West Kent NHS and Social Care NFT
NHTRXKNFT Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NFT
NHTRXLNFT Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Hospitals NFT
NHTRXMNFT Derbyshire Mental Health Services NFT
NHTRXNNFT Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NFT
NHTRXPNFT County Durham and Darlington Acute Hospi NFT
NHTRXQNFT Buckinghamshire Hospitals NFT
NHTRXRNFT East Lancashire Hospitals NFT
NHTRXTNFT Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NFT
NHTRXVNFT Bolton, Salford and Trafford Mental Heal NFT
NHTRXWNFT Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NFT
NHTTADNFT Bradford District Care Trust NFT
NHTTAENFT Manchester Mental Health and Social Care NFT
NHTTAFNFT Camden and Islington Mental Health and NFT
NHTTAHNFT Sheffield Care Trust NFT
NHTTAJNFT Sandwell Mental Health NHS and Social Ca NFT
NHTR01NFT Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals NFT
NHTR02NFT Bradford Teaching Hospitals NFT
NHTR03NFT Countess of Chester Hospital NFT
NHTR05NFT Homerton University NFT
NHTR06NFT Moorfields Eye Hospital NFT
NHTR07NFT Peterbofough and Stamford Hospitals NFT
NHTR08NFT Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Trust NFT
NHTR09NFT Stockport NHS Trust NFT
NHTR10NFT The Royal Marsden NFT
NHTR11NFT Cambridge University Hospitals NFT
NHTR12NFT City Hospitals Sunderland NFT
NHTR13NFT Derby Hospitals NFT
NHTRTENFT Gloucestershire Hospitals NFT
NHTR15NFT Guy’s and St. Thomas’s NFT
NHTR16NFT Papworth Hospital NFT
NHTR17NFT Queen Victoria Hospital NFT
NHTR18NFT Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NFT
NHTR19NFT University College London NFT
NHTR20NFT University Hospital Birmingham NFT
NHTRX1NFT Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
NHTRX2NFT Sussex Partnership NHS Trust
NHTRX3NFT Tees, Esk And Wear Valleys NHS Trust
NHTRX4NFT Northumberland, Tyne And Wear NHS Trust
NHTRX5NFT Great Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust
NHTRX6NFT North East Ambulance Service NHS Trust
NHTRX7NFT North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust
NHTRX8NFT Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust
NHTRX9NFT East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust
NHTRXYNFT Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust
NHTRYANFT West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust
NHTRYCNFT East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust
NHTRYDNFT South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust
NHTRYENFT South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust
NHTRYFNFT South Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust
NHTRYGNFT Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust
NHD033 NHS Direct NHS Trust
NHTRYKNFT Dudley & Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust
NHTR01FT Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTR02FT Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTR03FT Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRP5FT Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTR05FT Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTR06FT Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTR07FT Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTR08FT Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust
NHTR09FT Stockport NHS Foundation Trust
NHTR10FT The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
NHTR11FT Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTR12FT City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust
NHTR13FT Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRTEFT Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTR15FT Guys and St. Thomas NHS Foundation Trust
NHTR16FT Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTR17FT Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTR18FT Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTR19FT University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTR20FT University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRA2FT Royal Surrey County Hospital FT
NHTRA3FT Weston Area Health FT
NHTRA4FT Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRA7FT University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRA9FT South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRAJFT Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRALFT Royal Free Hampstead FT
NHTRANFT Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital FT
NHTRAPFT North Middlesex University Hospital FT
NHTRASFT The Hillingdon Hospital FT
NHTRATFT North East London NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRAXFT Kingston Hospital FT
NHTRB1FT Avon Ambulance Service FT
NHTRB4FT Essex Ambulance Service FT
NHTRB5FT Gloucestershire Ambulance Services FT
NHTRB6FT Mersey Regional Ambulance Service FT
NHTRB7FT Staffordshire Ambulance Service FT
NHTRB8FT South Yorkshire Ambulance Service FT
NHTRBAFT Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRBBFT Royal National Hospital For Rheumatic Diseases NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRBDFT Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRBFFT Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre FT
NHTRBKFT Walsall Hospitals FT
NHTRBLFT Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRBNFT St Helens and Knowsley Hospitals FT
NHTRBQFT The Cardiothoracic Centre - Liverpool FT
NHTRBSFT Alder Hey Childrens NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRBTFT Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRBVFT The Christie NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRBXFT Lincolnshire Ambulance and Health Transp FT
NHTRBZFT Northern Devon Healthcare FT
NHTRC1FT Bedford Hospitals FT
NHTRC3FT Ealing Hospital FT
NHTRC9FT Luton and Dunstable Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRCBFT York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRCCFT Scarborough and North East Yorkshire Hea FT
NHTRCDFT Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRCSFT Nottingham City Hospital FT
NHTRCUFT Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRCXFT Kings Lynn and Wisbech Hospitals FT
NHTRD1FT Royal United Hospital Bath FT
NHTRD3FT Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRD7FT Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRD8FT Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRDDFT Basildon and Thurrock University Hospita FT
NHTRDEFT Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRDHFT New Possibilities FT
NHTRDRFT South Downs Health FT
NHTRDUFT Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRDYFT Dorset Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRDZFT The Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRE6FT Cumbria Ambulance Service FT
NHTRE9FT South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust
NHTREFFT Royal Cornwall Hospitals FT
NHTREMFT Aintree University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRENFT Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology NHS Foundation Trust
NHTREPFT Liverpool Womens NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRETFT Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosur FT
NHTREUFT Burnley Health Care FT
NHTRF4FT Barking, Havering and Redbridge Hospital FT
NHTRFFFT Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRFKFT Queen\'s Medical Centre, Nottingham Unive FT
NHTRFRFT The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRFSFT Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRFUFT Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Ambulance FT
NHTRFWFT West Middlesex University FT
NHTRG2FT Queen Elizabeth Hospital FT
NHTRG3FT Bromley Hospitals FT
NHTRGCFT Whipps Cross University Hospital FT
NHTRGDFT Leeds Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRGHFT West Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Se FT
NHTRGNFT Peterborough Hospitals FT
NHTRGPFT James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRGQFT Ipswich Hospital FT
NHTRGRFT West Suffolk Hospitals FT
NHTRGTFT Addenbrooke\'s FT
NHTRGZFT Queen Mary\'s Sidcup FT
NHTRH1FT Royal Berkshire Ambulance Service FT
NHTRH2FT South Buckinghamshire FT
NHTRH5FT Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRH8FT Royal Devon and Exeter Healthcare FT
NHTRHAFT Nottinghamshire Healthcare FT
NHTRHMFT Southampton University Hospitals FT
NHTRHPFT Dorset Ambulance FT
NHTRHRFT Wiltshire Ambulance Service FT
NHTRHUFT Portsmouth Hospitals FT
NHTRHWFT Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRHXFT Oxfordshire Learning Disability FT
NHTRHYFT Two Shires Ambulance FT
NHTRJ1FT Guy\'s and St Thomas\' FT
NHTRJ2FT The Lewisham Hospital FT
NHTRJ5FT St Mary\'s FT
NHTRJ6FT Mayday Healthcare FT
NHTRJ7FT St George\'s Healthcare FT
NHTRJ8FT Cornwall Partnership FT
NHTRJ9FT Westcountry Ambulance Services FT
NHTRJCFT South Warwickshire General Hospitals FT
NHTRJDFT Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRJEFT University Hospital of North Staffordshi FT
NHTRJFFT Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRJHFT Good Hope Hospital FT
NHTRJLFT Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRJNFT East Cheshire FT
NHTRJUFT Chorley and South Ribble FT
NHTRJXFT Calderstones FT
NHTRJZFT Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRK5FT Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRK7FT Community Health Sheffield FT
NHTRK9FT Plymouth Hospitals FT
NHTRKAFT West Midlands Ambulance Service FT
NHTRKBFT University Hospitals Coventry and Warwic FT
NHTRKDFT Hampshire Ambulance Service FT
NHTRKEFT The Whittington Hospital FT
NHTRKFFT The Princess Royal Hospital FT
NHTRKLFT West London Mental Health FT
NHTRL1FT Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic FT
NHTRL4FT The Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals FT
NHTRL5FT Hereford And Worcester Ambulance Service FT
NHTRL6FT Warwickshire Ambulance Service FT
NHTRLQFT Hereford Hospitals FT
NHTRLTFT George Eliot Hospital FT
NHTRLUFT Birmingham Womens NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRLYFT North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare FT
NHTRLZFT Royal Shrewsbury Hospitals FT
NHTRM1FT Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRM2FT University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRM3FT Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRM4FT Trafford Healthcare FT
NHTRM6FT Northgate and Prudhoe FT
NHTRMAFT Greater Manchester Ambulance Service FT
NHTRMBFT Blackburn, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley He FT
NHTRMCFT Royal Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRMDFT Lancashire Ambulance Service FT
NHTRMFFT Preston Acute Hospitals FT
NHTRMHFT Mental Health Services of Salford FT
NHTRMPFT Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRMYFT Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRMZFT East Anglian Ambulance FT
NHTRN1FT Winchester and Eastleigh Healthcare FT
NHTRN3FT Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRN5FT Basingstoke and North Hampshire NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRN7FT Dartford and Gravesham FT
NHTRNAFT The Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRNDFT South Birmingham Mental Health FT
NHTRNFFT Northern Birmingham Mental Health FT
NHTRNHFT Newham Healthcare FT
NHTRNJFT Barts and The London FT
NHTRNKFT Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRNLFT North Cumbria Acute Hospitals FT
NHTRNNFT Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRNPFT Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumber FT
NHTRNQFT Kettering General Hospital FT
NHTRNSFT Northampton General Hospital FT
NHTRNTFT Stoke Mandeville Hospital FT
NHTRNUFT Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRNYFT Oxfordshire Ambulance FT
NHTRNZFT Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRP1FT Northamptonshire Healthcare FT
NHTRP4FT Great Ormond Street Hospital FT
NHTRP7FT Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRPCFT The Queen Victoria Hospital FT
NHTRPGFT Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRPHFT Kent Ambulance FT
NHTRPLFT Worthing and Southlands Hospitals FT
NHTRPQFT Surrey Ambulance Service FT
NHTRPRFT Royal West Sussex FT
NHTRQ2FT Sussex Ambulance Service FT
NHTRQ3FT Birmingham Childrens Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRQ4FT Black Country Mental Health FT
NHTRQ5FT Wolverhampton Health Care FT
NHTRQ6FT Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Universit FT
NHTRQ8FT Mid Essex Hospital Services FT
NHTRQMFT Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRQNFT Hammersmith Hospitals FT
NHTRQQFT Hinchingbrooke Health Care FT
NHTRQWFT The Princess Alexandra Hospital FT
NHTRQXFT Homerton University Hospital FT
NHTRQYFT South West London and St George\'s Mental FT
NHTRR1FT Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRR2FT Isle of Wight Healthcare FT
NHTRR7FT Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRR8FT Leeds Teaching Hospitals FT
NHTRR9FT North Durham Health Care FT
NHTRRDFT North Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRREFT South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRRFFT Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRRJFT The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRRPFT Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Heal FT
NHTRRUFT London Ambulance Service FT
NHTRRVFT University College London Hosp FT
NHTRT1FT Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRT2FT Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRT3FT Royal Brompton and Harefield FT
NHTRT5FT Leicestershire Partnership FT
NHTRT6FT Local Health Partnerships FT
NHTRTAFT South Durham Health Care FT
NHTRTCFT County Durham and Darlington Priority Se FT
NHTRTDFT The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRTFFT Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRTGFT Southern Derbyshire Acute Hospitals FT
NHTRTHFT Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals FT
NHTRTJFT Surrey Hampshire Borders FT
NHTRTKFT Ashford and St Peter\'s Hospitals FT
NHTRTMFT East Kent NHS and Social Care Partnershi FT
NHTRTNFT Surrey Oaklands FT
NHTRTPFT Surrey And Sussex Healthcare FT
NHTRTQFT 2gether NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRTRFT South Tees Hospitals FT
NHTRTVFT 5 Boroughs Partnership FT
NHTRTXFT Morecambe Bay Hospitals FT
NHTRV1FT Tees East and North Yorkshire Ambulance FT
NHTRV3FT Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRV5FT South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRV6FT East Midlands Ambulance Service FT
NHTRV7FT Bedfordshire and Luton Community FT
NHTRV8FT North West London Hospitals FT
NHTRV9FT Hull and East Riding Community Health FT
NHTRVJFT North Bristol FT
NHTRVKFT North East Ambulance Service FT
NHTRVLFT Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals FT
NHTRVNFT Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partner FT
NHTRVRFT Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals FT
NHTRVVFT East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRVWFT North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRVXFT Tees and North East Yorkshire FT
NHTRVYFT Southport and Ormskirk Hospital FT
NHTRW1FT West Hampshire FT
NHTRW3FT Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRW4FT Mersey Care FT
NHTRW5FT Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRW6FT Pennine Acute Hospitals FT
NHTRW7FT North West Surrey Mental Health NHS Part FT
NHTRW8FT West Sussex Health and Social Care FT
NHTRW9FT South of Tyne and Wearside Mental Health FT
NHTRWAFT Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals FT
NHTRWCFT Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRWDFT United Lincolnshire Hospitals FT
NHTRWEFT University Hospitals of Leicester FT
NHTRWFFT Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells FT
NHTRWGFT West Hertfordshire Hospitals FT
NHTRWHFT East And North Hertfordshire FT
NHTRWKFT East London NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRWNFT South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRWPFT Worcestershire Acute Hospitals FT
NHTRWQFT Worcestershire Mental Health Partnership FT
NHTRWRFT Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRWTFT Buckinghamshire Mental Health FT
NHTRWVFT Devon Partnership FT
NHTRWWFT Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRWXFT Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRWYFT Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRXAFT Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRXCFT East Sussex Hospitals FT
NHTRXDFT East Sussex County Healthcare FT
NHTRXFFT Mid Yorkshire Hospitals FT
NHTRXGFT South West Yorkshire Mental Health FT
NHTRXHFT Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals FT
NHTRXJFT West Kent NHS and Social Care FT
NHTRXKFT Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals FT
NHTRXLFT Blackpool Fylde and Wyre Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRXMFT Derbyshire Mental Health Services FT
NHTRXNFT Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRXPFT County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRXQFT Buckinghamshire Hospitals FT
NHTRXRFT East Lancashire Hospitals FT
NHTRXTFT Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRXVFT Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRXWFT Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals FT
NHTTADFT Bradford District Care Trust FT
NHTTAEFT Manchester Mental Health and Social Care FT
NHTTAFFT Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust
NHTTAHFT Sheffield Health & Social Care NHS Foundation Trust
NHTTAJFT Sandwell Mental Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRXXFT Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRX2FT Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
NHTRX3FT Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust

NHS Wales

COINS Code Name of public body
WNHT01 Bro Morgannwg
WNHT02 Cardiff and Vale
WNHT03 Carmarthenshire NHS Trust
WNHT04 Ceredigion and Mid Wales
WNHT05 Conwy and Denbighshire
WNHT06 Gwent Healthcare
WNHT07 North East Wales
WNHT08 North Glamorgan
WNHT09 North West Wales
WNHT10 Pembrokeshire & Derwen
WNHT11 Pontypridd and Rhondda
WNHT12 Swansea NHS Trust
WNHT13 Velindre
WNHT14 Welsh Ambulance Services


COINS Code Name of public body
HSST01 Altnagelvin HSS Trust
HSST02 Armagh and Dungannon HSS Trust
HSST03 Belfast City Hospital HSS Trust
HSST04 Causeway HSS Trust
HSST05 Craigavon Area Hospital HSS Trust
HSST06 Craigavon and Banbridge HSS Trust
HSST07 Down Lisburn HSS Trust
HSST08 Foyle HSS Trust
HSST09 Green Park HSS Trust
HSST10 Homefirst Community HSS Trust
HSST11 Mater Infirmorum HSS Trust
HSST12 Newry and Mourne HSS Trust
HSST13 North and West Belfast HSS Trust
HSST14 NI Ambulance Service HSS Trust
HSST15 Royal HSS Trust
HSST16 South and East Belfast HSS Trust
HSST17 Sperrin Lakeland HSS Trust
HSST18 Ulster Community and Hospitals HSS Trust
HSST19 United Hospitals HSS Trust
CHS208 Northern Ireland Central Services Agency for the Health and Social Services
NISCT1 Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
NISCT2 Northern Health and Social Care Trust
NISCT3 South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust
NISCT4 Southern Health and Social Care Trust
NISCT5 Western Health and Social Care Trust

Public corporations etc

COINS Code Name of public body
COI010 Central Office of Information
BBC048 British Broadcasting Corporation
CFT048 Channel Four Television Corporation
HRP048 Historic Royal Palaces
HTB048 Horserace Totalisator Board
MEC048 New Millennium Experience Company (liquidated 18 December 2001 1)
WFC048 Welsh Fourth Channel Authority
GTC022 General Teaching Council
LSD022 Learning and Skills Development Agency
ATT004 Air Travel Trust
CAA004 Civil Aviation Authority
CNT004 Centro (West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive)
DSA004 Driving Standards Agency
GLF004 General Lighthouse Fund
GMP004 Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive
MST004 Merseytravel (Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive)
MTR004 Metro (West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive)
NXS004 Nexus (Tyne & Wear Passenger Transport Executive)
PLA004 Port of London Authority
SYP004 South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
THL004 Trinity House Lighthouse Service
VOS004 Vehicle and Operator Services Agency - VOSA
DHB004 Dover Harbour Board
HHA004 Harwich Haven Authority
CAR030 Crown Agents Holding & Realisation Board (wound up[2])
CDC030 Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC)
MCA033 Medicines Control Agency
MHP033 Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
NET033 NHS Estates (ceased trading in 2005 "nhs estates" ceased 1)
NHE033 National Health Service Trusts
NLA033 National Health Service Logistics Authority
NBA033 NHS Blood and Transplant
NSP033 NHS Professionals
PRE033 Plasma Resources UK Ltd
AUC085 Audit Commission
FSC085 fire_service_college}}
LPF085 London Pension Fund Authority
QEC085 The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
ORD085 Ordnance Survey
BCC084 British Coal Corporation
BHC084 British Hallmarking Council
BNC084 British Nuclear Fuels plc
BRS084 British Shipbuilders
COH084 Companies House
PAO084 Patent Office - from 07-08 PAO063
RMH084 Royal Mail Holdings plc
NRG084 British Energy
REL032 Remploy Ltd
PPF032 Pension Protection Fund
BWB003 British Waterways Board
CGM003 Covent Garden Market Authority
FEA028 Forest Enterprise Agency
BYA087 OGC Buying Solutions
FLS087 Financial Services Authority
RMT087 Royal Mint
FSS034 Forensic Science Service
ABR017 Army Base Repair Organisation
DAN017 Defence Aviation Repair Agency
DST017 Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
GRH017 Greenwich Hospital
HYO017 UK Hydrographic Office
MEO017 Meteorological Office
NAF017 Navy, Army and Air Force Institute (see [3])
OPS017 Oil and Pipelines Agency
QQP017 QinetiQ plc
DSG017 Defence Support Group
SPT075 Strathclyde Passenger Transport Executive
SWA075 Scottish Water
CMB075 Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd
ROS075 Registers of Scotland
DMB075 David MacBrayne Ltd
NLB075 Northern Lighthouse Board
THC209 Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company
IHE210 Northern Ireland Housing Executive
VTA206 Driver and Vehicle Agency Northern Ireland
NIW099 Northern Ireland Water Ltd
BCL027 British Council
FCS027 FCO Services
WAO090 Wales Audit Office
TCW090 General Teaching Council for Wales
PAO063 Patent Office
CES014 Crown Estate Office
FSR029 Registry of Friendly Societies
HOA038 House of Commons: Administration
HOC036 House of Commons: Members
HOL037 House of Lords
NAO050 National Audit Office
OPC060 Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration and Health Se...
AWC090 National Assembly for Wales (Assembly Commission)
TSC068 The Supreme Court
IPS069 Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority
LGB071 Local Government Boundary Commission for England