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A public authority shall not charge for allowing an applicant to inspect information  +
Section 22 only applies to information clearly intended for publication  +
The endangerment test under s38  +
Information / Documents post-dating an investigation  +
Vexatious requests under EIR  +
Discretion to order no steps in a DN  +
Functions and statutory bars  +
Condition 5 Schedule 3 Data Protection Act 1998 (condition for processing sensitive personal data)  +
When a refusal notice is not required in respect of a vexatious request  +
Investigating procedural breaches - gateway line  +
Issuing a DN in relation to information already disclosed  +
Non-response cases  +
Decision notices ordering the PA to reconsider the request  +
Internal review under the EIR - issuing a DN requiring an internal review  +
Rejecting procedural exemptions / exceptions  +
Finding that further information is held approach to decision notices  +
Information pre-dating an investigation  +
Failure to cite specific exemption section number  +
Failure to cite specific exception section number  +