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For Scotland, see joint police board.

Police Authorities

Police Authorities are independent bodies made up of around 17 local people, it's their job to set the strategic direction for the local police force and hold the chief constable to account on behalf of the local community.

FOI requests on operational police matters should be made to the related police force

Police Authorities have their own category on WhatDoTheyKnow.com

Further information on Police Authorities is available from the Association of Police Authorities

Police authorities in England and Wales

FOIA Schedule I includes:

57 - A police authority established under section 3 of the Police Act 1996.

That section states that there shall be a police authority for each police area listed in Schedule 1 to the Act, and that the name of the authority shall be the name of the area followed by "Police Authority".




These are each named explicitly in FOIA Schedule I:

In Part VI: