Line to take - LTT25 - Inspection as a form of publication

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  • Section/Regulation: s21, s19
  • Issue: Inspection as a form of publication
  • Source: Policy Team
  • Details: Agreed by GS
  • Related Lines to Take: LTT26, LTT27
  • Related Documents: Awareness Guidance 6
  • Contact: EW
  • Date: 11/12/2006
  • Policy Reference: LTT25
  • © Copyright Information Commissioner's Office, re-used with permission
  • Original source linked from here: LTT

Line to take

Making information available for inspection is a form of publication within the Freedom of Information Act.

Further Information

The concept of publication is broader in scope within the Freedom of Information Act than in general use: In the terms of the Act, information can be said to be “published” even if it is only made available for inspection.

It is therefore reasonable for public authorities to state in their publication schemes that any information they hold will be published by making it available for inspection. This may be information that they are required to make available for inspection by or under statute, or information that they choose to do so.

Similarly, where a public authority intends to make information available for inspection, section 22 may apply, dependent on whether it is reasonable in all the circumstances to withhold the information until the publication date.