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FOIA Schedule 1 Part II includes:

18 - An internal drainage board which is continued in being by virtue of section 1 of the Land Drainage Act 1991.


  • Internal Drainage Boards are independent government bodies, that work alongside the Environment Agency and the Natural Resources Body for Wales. They help maintain the integrity of local waterways and land drainage of the areas they are responsible for, and provide flood protection services.
  • They are funded through drainage rates and special levies.
  • There are 160 IDBs.
  • Following the Government review of quangos, the plan for IDBs is to "Retain and substantially reform - Improve efficiency and accountability, amend functions, and increase the involvement of local communities"

The restriction to continued IDBs is a little strange. Section 3(2)(f) of the 1991 Act allows for the creation of new IDBs and many such IDBs have been created, but are presumably not covered by this paragraph.

Section 4 of the 1991 Act allows the Environment Agency or the Natural Resources Body for Wales to become the drainage board for a district. Presumably this is usually accompanied by the abolition of any existing IDB for that district.

List of Internal Drainage Boards

  • Contact information can be found at the following pages:

The following list is largely derived from the Defra one. It abbreviates some common phrases in the names of the boards:

  • IDB: Internal Drainage Board
  • DB: Drainage Board
  • DC: Drainage Commissioners
  • DDB: District Drainage Board
  • C of S: Commissioners of Sewers

The list of districts administered by the EA comes from [1].

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