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FOIA Schedule I includes:

  • 53 - (1) The governing body of—
  • (2) In sub-paragraph (1)—
  • (a) “governing body” is to be interpreted in accordance with subsection (1) of section 90 of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 but without regard to subsection (2) of that section,
  • (c) in paragraph (c), “higher education corporation” has the meaning given by section 90(1) of that Act, and

Section 90(1) defines a higher education corporation to be:

a body corporate established under section 121 or 122 of the Education Reform Act 1988, including those sections as applied by section 227(4) of that Act (application to Wales), or a body corporate which has become a higher education corporation by virtue of section 122A of that Act

Section 121 is about the initial establishment of HECs for LEA-run institutions. Section 122 is about creating new HECs from LEA-run institutions, and section 122A is about turning FECs into HECs. All of these are done by order.

Many HECs are also universities by virtue of section 77 of the 1992 Act, which states that any HEC with "university" in its name is a university unless "university" is immediately followed by "college" or "collegiate".

On WhatDoTheyKnow, HECs are filed under hei, university, and university_college.

Section 121

The main order under this section appears to be SI 1988/1799, which incorporated:

We also have:

Section 122

The following have been incorporated:

Section 122A