Government proposals to extend scope of Freedom of Information Act 2000 (January 2011)

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The following text is taken from the notes to editors section of the Government Press Release in January 2011.

"The full content of the Freedom of Information Package is as follows:

1. Extending the Act to additional bodies: Clauses will be included in the Freedom Bill (to be introduced by "February 2011) amending section 6 of the FOI Act so it extends to companies wholly owned by more than one public authority (as opposed to only those owned by a single public authority). Secondary legislation (following statutory consultations with the bodies concerned) will extend the Act to a range of other bodies performing functions of a public nature. The Association of Chief Police Officers, UCAS and the Financial Ombudsman Service have already been consulted and will be brought under FOI as soon as possible.

Consultations on inclusion will be held with the following bodies: