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Decision Summary

  • Case Ref: FS50190669
  • Date: 16 July 2009
  • Public Authority: Wood Green High School
  • Summary: The complainant made a request to the Governing Body of Wood Green High School (the “School”) for information relating to the letting of School facilities. The School provided its lettings policy but refused to provide the complainant with the rest of the requested information and relied upon the provisions contained at sections 12 and 14 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the “Act”). The School asserted that to comply with the request would exceed the £450 cost limit and therefore it was not obliged to do so under section 12 of the Act. The School also deemed the request vexatious under section 14(1) of the Act. Upon consideration of all of the circumstances of the case the Commissioner considers that section 12(1) was correctly engaged in this case. The Commissioner did not therefore go on to consider the School’s application of section 14. The Commissioner does however consider that the School breached section 16(1) and section 17(5) of the Act in its handling of this request.
  • View PDF of Decision Notice: [1]