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Decision Summary

  • Case Ref: FER160254
  • Date: 14 August 2008
  • Public Authority: Surrey County Council
  • Summary: The complainant requested Surrey County Council (‘the council’) to disclose all application documents it held relating to the widening of a vehicle crossover carried out on her neighbour’s property. In addition, the complainant requested any recorded information held which details the reasons why her neighbour contested the Council’s decision to refuse the first application that was submitted. Concerning the first element of this request, the Council confirmed that it does not hold any further recorded information to that already provided. Regarding the second part of the request, the Council advised the complainant that no recorded information is held of this description. As the complainant remained dissatisfied and believed further recorded information must be held, she approached the Commissioner. After considering the case, including both the submissions made by the complainant and the Council, the Commissioner concluded that no further information is held by the Council. He noted that the Council had already supplied copies of all information it does hold and therefore concluded that the Council had complied with regulation 5(1) of the EIR in this case.
  • View PDF of Decision Notice: [1]