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*Foreign and Commonwealth Office
*Foreign and Commonwealth Office
*Government Equalities Office
*Government Equalities Office
*Health (Department of)
*{{WDTK|Health|dh}} (Department of)
*Home Office
*Home Office
*International Development (Department for)
*International Development (Department for)

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  • Attorney General’s Office
  • Business, Innovation and Skills (Department for)
  • Cabinet Office
  • Children, Schools and Families (Department for)
  • Communities and Local Government (Department for)
  • Culture, Media and Sport (Department for)
  • Defence (Ministry of)
  • Energy and Climate Change (Department of)
  • Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Department for)
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Government Equalities Office
  • Health (Department of)
  • Home Office
  • International Development (Department for)
  • Justice (Ministry of)
  • Northern Ireland Office
  • Office of the Advocate General for Scotland
  • Office of the Leader of the House of Commons
  • Office of the Leader of the House of Lords
  • Prime Minister's Office (No 10)
  • Scotland Office
  • Transport (Department for)
  • Treasury (HM)
  • Wales Office
  • Work and Pensions (Department for)