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* North/South Bodies Freedom of Information Code of Practice
* North/South Bodies Freedom of Information Code of Practice
== Exemptions guidance ==
<big>UK Freedom of Information Act 2000</big>
* [[FOIA_Section_21_Exemption|Section 21]]: Information Accessible By Other Means
* [[Section22|Section 22]]: Information Intended For Future Publication
* [[Section23|Section 23]]: Information Supplied by, or Related to, Bodies Dealing with Security Matters
* [[Section24|Section 24]]: National Security
* [[Section26|Section 26]]: Defence
* [[Section27|Section 27]]: International Relations
* [[Section28|Section 28]]: Relations Within The United Kingdom
* [[Section29|Section 29]]: The Economy
* [[Section30|Section 30]]: Investigations And Proceedings Conducted By Public Authorities
* [[Section31|Section 31]]: Law Enforcement
* [[Section32|Section 32]]: Court Records
* [[Section33|Section 33]]: Audit Functions
* [[Section34|Section 34]]: Parliamentary Privilege
* [[Section35|Section 35]]: Formulation Of Government Policy
* [[Section36|Section 36]]: Prejudice to Effective Conduct of Public Affairs
* [[Section37|Section 37]]: Communications With Her Majesty, With Other Members Of The Royal Household, And The Conferring By The Crown Of Any Honour Or Dignity
* [[Section38|Section 38]]: Health And Safety
* [[Section39|Section 39]]: Environmental Information
* [[Section40|Section 40]]: Personal Information
* [[Section41|Section 41]]: Information Provided In Confidence
* [[Section42|Section 42]]: Legal Professional Privilege
* [[Section43|Section 43]]: Commercial Interests
* [[Section44|Section 44]]: Prohibitions On Disclosure

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