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The Isle of Man does not have a Freedom of Information Act, but it does have a Code of Practice on Access to Government Information. This covers much the same ground, but doesn't have the force of law.

Code of Practice on Access to Government Information

The code of practice provides for the government to provide on request:

  • full information about how public services are run, how much they cost, who is in charge, and what complaints and redress procedures are available;
  • full information about what services are being provided, what targets are set, what standards of service are expected and the results achieved.
  • information relating to their policies, actions and decisions and other matters related to their areas of responsibility.

"Government" in this case means:

  • Departments[1]
  • Statutory Boards[2]
  • Offices[3]

Freedom of Information Bill 2011

A Freedom of Information Bill was introduced in the House of Keys in June 2011. It has a similar structure to the UK and Scottish Acts. It covers a much wider range of information, and a much wider range of bodies, than the code of practice.