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This page lists just some of the important things discovered through WhatDoTheyKnow


  • "In 2008/9 HMRC processed 65.3% of claims in nine working days, against a target of 69%."[1]


  • The criteria TfL use for congestion charge appeals [2]
  • "very high volumes of [child benefit] claims being received, to manage customers' expectations our agents are telling customers that in some complex cases it can take up to 26 weeks to process a claim"[3]
  • text of ICO (ICO) warning to TalkTalk [4]
  • "The government has wasted millions of pounds setting up a sub-optimal journey planner for cyclists" [5]
  • "Shropshire schools spent more than £200,000 on supply teachers in 12 months"[6]
  • "AT LEAST 772 children have been placed for adoption in Wales in the past five years, after local authorities obtained court orders overriding parental consent."[7]
  • "Electoral Commission's expenses advice frustrates journalists' inquiries"[8]


  • "£29m of NHS funds were used to pay chaplains in 2009/10" [9] [10]
  • Waltham Forest - "Council spends £7k on Olympic tickets" [11]
  • List of members of Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)[14]


  • "Wirral’s £250,000 bill for privatisation that never was"[17], [18], [19]