Authorities that link to WhatDoTheyKnow

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The following public authorities link to WhatDoTheyKnow:

  • Government Equalities Office: [1]
"Information already available
Written Parliamentary Answers by GEO’s Ministers can be found by searching Hansard or
Responses to Freedom of Information Act requests made to GEO via can be found here
GEO’s FOI Disclosure Log"
  • Cabinet Office: [2]
"3. Other key data: [...]
Over 100 Official and National statistics; all of the final research reports from our external research programme; Departmental Accounts; and, FOI responses we believe will be of wider public interest on our Freedom of Information Disclosure Log in addition to requests via"
  • HM Government [3]
Post Office name, address and opening times
Problem: The Royal Mail provide a branch finder for information on the individual branches, however they won't provide a complete list. The did however confirm that the information is open for reuse:

Local authorities