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Police forces in England and Wales

FOIA Schedule 1 lists:

59 - A chief officer of police of a police force in England or Wales.

Section 101 of the Police Act 1996 defines "chief officer of police" to mean one of:

Police Forces in Scotland

Scotland has a single territorial police force, the Police Service of Scotland.

  • The following support services are all covered by FOI apart from ACPOS:

Police Forces in Northern Ireland

Non-geographic Police Forces

FOIA Schedule I includes:

However there are other non-geographic police forces:

Armed forces police

(Not to be confused with Ministry of Defence police.)

Civilian police forces associate with Ministry of Defence

In addition to the Ministry of Defence police noted above:

  • Gibraltar Defence Police[1]
  • Northern Ireland Security Guard Service (NISGS) - part of the Ministry of Defence[2]
  • Sovereign Base Areas Police[3]

Ports, Waterways, Tunnels and Airport Police

Airport police

Port police

Tunnels police


Park police

Market police

The City of London market constabularies:

  • Billingsgate Market Constabulary[4]
  • New Spitalfields Market Constabulary[5]
  • Smithfield Market Constabulary[6]

Ceremonial constabularies

Cathedral constabulary

Kew Constabulary

University constabulary

Bodies with limited police powers

Persons with special powers of arrest

  • Church Wardens (Church of England) [8]

Bodies associated with policing that are not polices forces

The above are not normally considered to be police forces in their own right.

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