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In January 2007, the ICO released via FOI [1] a number of their "Line to take" policy documents - these indicate how they approach certain types of complaints.

Here is the ICO's description of what they are, from the above document:

"By way of background, these documents are produced by our Policy Team as internal policy lines on the interpretation and application of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 for the benefit of the FOI Department as a whole. The policy lines are signed off at Assistant Commissioner level, and you will note that in the main they derive from Decision Notices and/or Information Tribunal decisions."

A growing number of LTTs have been produced since then - as at February 2011, there are just under 200 such Lines to Take. The ICO doesn't yet routinely publish these, so they have been requested by means of FOI requests. The following links provide detail for each set of LTTs release, and links to their original source documents:

List of LTTs on FOIwiki